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an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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with the hepatitis B or C viruses), chronic alcoholism, and exposure to toxic substances called aflatoxins.
FDA-approved strategies for the treatment of chronic alcoholism today include antabuse (disulfiram), naltrexone (short- and long-acting formulations) and campral (acamprosate).
In our series of patients, acute hepatitis and pancreatitis were severe complications of leptospirosis in those with chronic alcoholism; chronic alcoholism itself was an independent indicator of poor prognosis.
Lingering and accruing untoward consequences of alcohol use disorders (also referred to as chronic alcoholism and alcohol dependence and abuse) on cognitive and motor functions, recognized for centuries, commonly have been attributed to generalized toxic effects of alcohol on the brain.
3), (4) Finally, improvements have been made in screening for chronic alcoholism by a combination of patient information and blood-chemistry analyses.
It probably would be better to take our minds off the economic mess and focus on other themes, something universal like, say, the weather, which is really cold right now, brutally cold, not to mention gray, with a wind that strips hope from the soul and makes you want to read long Irish novels by authors who suffered from chronic alcoholism and died penniless, usually in that order.
And as a leading liver specialist in Newcastle reveals teens are being diagnosed with cirrhosis, a condition usually associated with chronic alcoholism, police warn bar owners they face repercussions if they are found to have encouraged drunken law-breaking.
n A man died of chronic alcoholism and pneumonia at Barry police station in October 2004.
The case of patient B has presented an example of secondary acquired sideroblastic anaemia caused by chronic alcoholism and associated folate deficiency.
Many patients who are intoxicated at the time of injury have a significant history of chronic alcoholism," he said in an interview.
Any person interested in the social history of drinking, the problems associated with problem drinking and chronic alcoholism, and the rise of modern medicine and medical care will surely benefit from the careful consideration of the contents of this valuable work.
Her medical history comprised diabetes mellitus for 15 years and chronic alcoholism for the last 5 years.
Chronic alcoholism was a curse that plagued him during his entire short life.
Alice became a huge celebrity, but in 1978 he admitted to chronic alcoholism and spent time being treated in a New York hospital.
It's not a direct result of stress, grief, neglect, family conflict, vitamin deficiency, poisoning, a blow on the head, chronic alcoholism, the normal aging process or a lack of blood or oxygen to the brain.
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