actinic dermatitis

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dermatitis caused exposure to sunlight

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Successful treatment of recalcitrant chronic actinic dermatitis with tacrolimus.
This was well illustrated by a German study in which 178 patients with chronic actinic dermatitis were followed long term.
This is fortunate because chronic actinic dermatitis is one of the most severe forms of photosensitivity.
PUVA is the therapeutic workhorse in chronic actinic dermatitis.
Abstract Background Chronic actinic dermatitis (CAD) is a rare intractable photosensitive predominantly eczematous eruption sometimes with infiltrated plaques on the exposed areas and has a tendency to progress to erythroderma.
Objectives To evaluate the efficacy and safety of azathioprine in the treatment of chronic actinic dermatitis in our patients.
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