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1998) reported that maize Bs accounted for approximately 4% of the total chromosome volume and an association exists between the number of Bs and the size of heterochromatic knobs, which can mask the contribution of Bs to total genome size.
Structural rearrangements of the Y chromosome are frequently associated with testicular dysfunction.
Three-dimensional folding provides shortcuts through the chromosome
Wilson Sayres from the University of California, Berkeley said that the Y chromosome has lost 90 percent of the genes it once shared with the X chromosome, and some scientists have speculated that the Y chromosome will disappear in less than 5 million years.
A normal chromosome is linear, with its ends protected, but with ring chromosomes, the two ends of the chromosome fuse together, forming a circle.
He suspects that a good many species have already disappeared because of Y chromosome decay.
The nucleus (area containing DNA--chemical that carries genetic information) has 42 chromosomes (structures that contain DNA), half from each parent.
The fish has only 3 chromosome pairs, rather than a human's 23 pairs, so it's easier to understand the relationship between genes and traits.
In 1986, cytogenetic examination of patients with CES revealed that they have an extra G-like chromosome that is smaller than chromosome 21.
One particular papaya chromosome resembles a primitive version of the human Y chromosome--perhaps as it existed 240 to 320 million years ago.
inermis does not support the results of these genetic and chromosome pairing studies since octaploid B.
Holo"er than thou: chromosome segregation and kinetochore function in C.
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