chromosomal mutation

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Chromosomal mutations in murA, glpT, and uhpT were investigated for 9 representative E.
As such, chromosomal mutations in this species might not induce any change in the original site of telomere sequences.
Although few chromosomal mutations have been associated with aging, many specific mitochondrial DNA mutations do accumulate in various tissues (e.
These results lead us to conclude the parsnip does have bioactive principles that interfere with the cell division cycle (CDC) of the onion roots, resulting in its acceleration, and inhibition in different doses as evidenced by the mitotic indices and chromosomal mutations.
But some of the changes shaping the industry go almost unnoticed by consumers, buried in the internal print-production pipeline like invisible chromosomal mutations.
The Genzyme team speculates that measuring children's levels of mature CFTR might offer a simpler diagnostic test than the current searches for chromosomal mutations.
gonorrhoeae has been due either to multiple chromosomal mutations or to R-factor plasmids.
He said that because different forms of cancer are associated with different chromosomal mutations, they believe analysis of exosome DNA taken from blood samples may not only help determine the presence of a cancerous tumor somewhere in the body but also identify mutations without a need for tumor sample.
Efflux pumps act in response to bacterial stress and the expression of pumps reduces the accumulation of organic compounds or antimicrobial agents within the cell and can also be caused by chromosomal mutations, resulting in multiple antibiotic resistance (MAR).
Previous reports identified chromosomal mutations in N.
To the Editor: In pneumococci, resistance to fluoroquinolones is associated with chromosomal mutations in the quinolone-resistance-determining regions (QRDR) of type II topoisomerase enzymes, predominantly gyrA and parC.
Molecular studies have revealed immense complexity in the structure of the eukaryote genome, and this structure may constrain the types of chromosomal mutations possible (King gives several examples [pp.