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Prentice made clear, having a chromosomal anomaly such as Down syndrome is no grounds to end that child's life.
Given the 5% incidence of chromosomal anomaly in the absence of structural abnormality, and the limitations of US in detecting subtle dysmorphology, a karyotype seems advisable to assess all stillbirths.
Turner syndrome is a hereditary chromosomal anomaly that affects girls and women.
He has been my inspiration since the day he was born 24 years ago with a rare chromosomal anomaly, Ring Chromosome 15," said conan rees at the awards ceremony.
An amniocentesis test showed her other twin had trisomy 18, a fatal chromosomal anomaly.
Theoretically, once a determination of genetic or chromosomal anomaly is confirmed informed health and medical decisions will follow.
Some studies have found increased frequency of this chromosomal anomaly among inmates, but the link between an extra Y and increased aggressiveness has never been proved definitively.
Down's syndrome, or trisomy 21, is a chromosomal anomaly leading to lower-than-normal mental ability, increased susceptibility to infections and higher incidence of leukemia, as well as to characteristic slanted eyes and skeletal abnormalities.
In men, abnormal levels of testosterone may be a symptom of deficient production of pituitary hormones -- which influence growth, metabolism and maturation -- or Kleinfelter's syndrome, a chromosomal anomaly characterized by the presence of two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome, resulting in infertility.
At present, invasive prenatal diagnostic tests continue to be the gold standard for pregnancies at increased risk to have chromosomal anomaly or genetic disease.
In 10 cases with a suspicion of chromosomal anomaly, chromosomal analyses were performed and Down syndrome was detected in five children.
NEW ORLEANS -- Singletons conceived through artificial reproductive technology do not have an increased risk of a chromosomal anomaly or fetal malformation, compared with singletons conceived naturally.
A chromosomal anomaly defect was associated with an interrupted aortic arch in 47% of cases, with truncus arteriosus in 31% of cases, and with tetralogy of Fallot in 24% of cases.