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Release of transforming plasmid and chromosomal DNA from two cultured soil bacteria.
dehD expression analysis: The molecular analyses strongly indicated the integration of dehD into the chromosomal DNA of the 10 tested samples.
Of the DNA samples from 2,855 men examined during four years, 11 had a Y chromosomal DNA profile matching the profile of the DNA taken from the victim.
Chromosomal DNA of Psm was prepared by embedding whole cells in low-melting agarose blocks as described previously (14), with some modifications.
5% of the total chromosomal DNA distributed over 12 chromosomes.
In Chromosomal DNA electrophoresis, there were multiple bands but in plasmid analysis there were no such bands.
Renowned British artist Adam Ball has used highly magnified photographs of his own blood cells and chromosomal DNA as a starting point for his latest body of work, and first solo exhibition in Bahrain, called "Resolution".
For example, they possess their own DNA, which resembles bacterial DNA more than the chromosomal DNA located in the cell nucleus.
Because they are so important to normal physiology, he and his collaborators were surprised to find a dark side to them - that of mutating human chromosomal DNA.
Chemical marks on the histones, which sheathe our chromosomal DNA in each cell's nucleus, act as "stop" and "go" traffic signals.
Macrorestriction analysis of chromosomal DNA was carried out by pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE).
CdtB exhibits DNase I activity, disrupting the phosphodiester bonds in chromosomal DNA.
At work are viruses that have evolved intimate associations with parasitoids--symbiotic viruses integrated into the wasp chromosomal DNA (polydnaviruses), and parasitoid venoms, which are of interest to the pharmaceutical and medical communities.
The first level of quality testing requires the use of a variety of chemical and microbiological sensitive analytical methods to detect different impurities (proteins, RNA, chromosomal DNA, and endotoxins).