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These antioxidant compounds, which have been studied for decades, have been described as accelerating the resynthesis of rhodopsin, a chromoprotein in retinal rods that stimulates the retinal sensory endings as it is formed and degraded (Soc.
Vitamin A is a component of visual purple, a pigment-bearing chromoprotein, which accounts for carrots' and other vegetables' bright colors.
This is logical when one considers the purple-blue chromoprotein in the tentacle tips (Labas et al., 2002) and in colony extremities (Dove et al., 1995; Shagin et al., 2004) of corals and anemones, for which there is currently limited physiological explanation (Kawaguti, 1944; Takabayashi and Hoegh-Guldberg, 1995).
Goodwin [27] postulated a mixture of two chromoproteins, one yellow component from carotenoids and the other a bile component (blue), creating the green color in the locust.
Studies on chromoproteins of cardiac and skeletal muscle of caimans (Caiman sclerops).