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plastid containing pigments other than chlorophyll usually yellow or orange carotenoids

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Carotene desaturation is linked to a respiratory redox pathway in Narcissus pseudonarcissus chromoplast membranes.
In Lycopersicon peruvianum, another anemophilous species, the pathway is the same but without the chromoplast stage.
carotenoids pigments: Plant cell pigments: red, orange, and yellow lipid soluble pigments found embedded in the membrane of chloroplast and chromoplast.
As a result, the researchers believe they may be able to use specific proteins to regulate the functions of chloroplasts -- such as the conversion of chloroplasts into highly-pigmented chromoplasts during the ripening of fruit.
Red bell pepper Loose parenchyma cells with small red/orange chromoplasts.
Lutein and zeaxanthin are associated with chloroplasts or chromoplasts in plants.
Carotenoids are organic pigments that naturally occur in the chloroplasts and chromoplasts of plants and some other organisms, such as algae, some types of fungus and some bacteria.