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the chemical group that gives color to a molecule

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Condensation with o-cresol in the presence of periodate forms the blue indophenol chromophore.
The proposed ideal azopolymer structures suitable for an SRG-exhibiting material involve main chains without functional groups inducing hydrogen bonds, short repeating units, extended chromophores, and electron-withdrawing groups as chromophore substituents.
p0], of chromophore precursors per volume that can absorb a photon and be converted into a chromophore.
Pericyclic reactions are one of the classic examples taught in photochemistry courses, but all the chromophores show specific reactions that could be exploited for synthetic purposes.
By engineering a virus that Belcher has worked with for years, the team was able to get it to bond with multiple synthetic chromophores -- or, in this case, organic dyes.
It is known that pure PVA does not show any fluorescence and hence the fluorescence observed in the composite is due to the presence of pyrazoline chromophore.
6)], which provided important insights into the structure-function relationship between the chromophore and peak wavelengths of these proteins.
Phytochromes predominantly absorb red and far-red light, using a bilin (or linear tetrapyrrole) chromophore for light detection in seed plants and in cryptogams (Quail, 2002), and phototropins are UV-A/blue light receptors (Briggs and Christie, 2002; Folta and Spalding, 2001).
Various interactive tutorials explain chromophore formation and related functions in many fluorescent proteins such as EGFP, PA-GFP, Kaede and Dronpa.
My research established that quantitative information on the chain dynamics of polymers and polypeptides could be obtained even when a chromophore and its quencher are randomly attached along the polymer backbone.
Measurements were carried out with mixtures of microsphere and chromophore solutions.
has been granted a patent for a colorant composition comprised of at least one chromophore, polymeric nanoparticles (PNPs), a locking agent, and 0.
Melanin, however, the target chromophore, absorbs poorly at this wavelength.
12) Another big advantage of the triazine chemistry is that simple chemical modification of the HPT chromophore can change photophysical properties like the absorbance profile or the extinction.