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the chemical group that gives color to a molecule

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Using three-dimensional (3D) homology modeling, we demonstrated that only two of three candidates have a lysine directed toward the inner protein core, a requirement for chromophore attachment.
The monitoring of absorption and scattering coefficients that are strongly related to the concentration of chromophores in a skin with light-skin interaction based models is very crucial and is still an open-ended problem.
To introduce chromophore in the AS, 200 ul from the abovementioned standard stock solution (125 mg/ml) was added in a test tube containing 2 ml of ninhydrin solution.
This efficient movement of excitons has one key requirement: The chromophores have to be arranged just right, with exactly the right amount of space between them.
The chromophore in an excited triplet state is reduced either by an electron or by a hydrogen transfer from a compound in the environment.
The optical properties of the polymers doped with pyrazoline chromophore are interesting and need an extensive study.
Collamer is a highly compressible, unique lens material composed of collagen, a UV-absorbing chromophore, and a poly-HEMA based copolymer.
The bands in the 338-330nm range are attributed to p- p transition originating in the C=N chromophore group [40].
The study found that there were similarities in the development of infant skin water-handling properties in all three regions; likewise, there were similarities in skin color and chromophore changes with exposure.
The energy released passes to a different type of chromophore nearby that absorbs the energy and then emits light of a different wavelength.
Various interactive tutorials explain chromophore formation and related functions in many fluorescent proteins such as EGFP, PA-GFP, Kaede and Dronpa.
My research established that quantitative information on the chain dynamics of polymers and polypeptides could be obtained even when a chromophore and its quencher are randomly attached along the polymer backbone.
Measurements were carried out with mixtures of microsphere and chromophore solutions.