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the chemical group that gives color to a molecule

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According to the company, a chromophore is an advanced type of dye that imparts electro-optical properties to a polymer.
The attenuation coefficient, [alpha], is the cross-section of chromophore precursors (an area).
With density-functional-based nonadiabatic molecular dynamics simulations, trans-to-cis and cis-to-trans photoisomerizations of a green fluorescent protein chromophore based molecule 4-benzylidene-2-methyloxazol-5(4H)-one (BMH) induced by the excitation to its [S.sub.1] excited state were performed.
All these modifications are reflected in the FTIR spectra in the form of shifting characteristic band positions and variations in the band intensities, suggests that the chalcone chromophore MPDMAPP is strongly interacting with the PVA + PVP blend.
Photochemical properties are altered by the medium surrounding the chromophore, and these observations have led to the development of a new direction, namely supramolecular photochemistry.
The synthesis of precursors (Compounds 5-7) and chromophore b were respectively carried out as similar to the procedures given for precursors 2-4 and chromophore a with the same scales.
We have also added the chromophore (2-Cyanoacrylic acid CHCCNCOOH), to these oligomers and found that the energy gap decreases.
Applying CAD to impurity detection could help overcome some of the obstacles met with UV/Vis detection, since CAD response does not require a chromophore for detection and can provide a uniform response independent of chemical structure.
The optical module also collects data on chromophore concentrations, like water and lipids, through TRS.
After the study between the structure and the dielectric properties of the azo polymers, the contents of the azo chromophore on the dielectric properties of azo polymers were further studied.
Maeda et al .[14] suggested that chronic lack of chromophore might lead to a progressive loss of cones in mice and humans, and that therapy for LCA patients could be geared toward early adequate delivery of chromophore to cone photoreceptors.
This combination of traits is highly suggestive that the transcript produces an apoprotein able to bind to a retinal-based chromophore to form a photopigment capable of absorbing light.
"Basically what we're doing is creating a chromophore for the laser to target," he said.
The researchers believe that co-pigmentation with catechins protected the anthocyanin chromophore against degradation by vitamin C, which was shown by less solution fading.
Munavalli, medical director and founder of Dermatology, Laser, and Vein Specialists of the Carolinas, Charlotte, N.C., said: "Basically what we're doing is creating a chromophore for the laser to target," he said.