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single- or multi-color lithography

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This fine example of chromolithographic commercial art (printed by Gies & Co.
In his Puranic and epic mythological paintings, genre pictures, and particularly the chromolithographic prints, the singular focus on the woman has been the subject of much discussion.
Brauns (1903) published a chromolithographic illustration of a matrix specimen of Schneckenstein topaz, and two single crystals.
The least costly addition to the House's collection were two 1860s chromolithographic prints, Views of the Clock Tower and Victoria Tower, which cost just pounds 8.74.
Dean's "toy books" dominated the market from the 1840s, being noted for their beautiful chromolithographic images.
Perhaps the most telling influence of European allegorical painting is to be found in the chromolithographic print which dramatizes the mythological story of Savitri and the dead Satyavan (Illustration 7).
These chromolithographic images are invaluable icons, windows into the lost world of late nineteenth-century California.
Without exception, when flag artisans employ the chromolithographic image of St.
His architectural studies of the Alhambra and Egypt, and The Grammar of Ornament (1856) made an enormous impression with their chromolithographic colour illustration, of which he was an outstanding exponent and pioneer.
Jacques had been an assistant and successor to the painter and engraver Jacques Christophe Le Blon (1670-1741), inventor of the chromolithographic printing process.