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single- or multi-color lithography

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Dean's "toy books" dominated the market from the 1840s, being noted for their beautiful chromolithographic images.
Perhaps the most telling influence of European allegorical painting is to be found in the chromolithographic print which dramatizes the mythological story of Savitri and the dead Satyavan (Illustration 7).
These chromolithographic images are invaluable icons, windows into the lost world of late nineteenth-century California.
Without exception, when flag artisans employ the chromolithographic image of St.
His architectural studies of the Alhambra and Egypt, and The Grammar of Ornament (1856) made an enormous impression with their chromolithographic colour illustration, of which he was an outstanding exponent and pioneer.
Moreover, unlike the earlier sets, in which monochrome designs were transferred to the ceramics and then hand-painted, the designs for the Service parisien were transferred from chromolithographic prints, providing the precise colours that Bracquemond wanted.
The new papers are not hand-blocked and so lack something of the sharpness of the original, which was designed at about the time Pugin was working on his Glossary, of Ecclesiastical Ornament (1844), which is illustrated with vivid chromolithographic plates.
The Carrick chromolithographic copy (comprised of fourteen--not forty--separate successively over-printed states), we have ascertained, recorded both of Turner's steamboats from its earliest stages.