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a compound that can be converted to a pigment

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Lab M's growing range of chromogenic culture media for the isolation and identification of a variety of important micro-organisms has a new look for 2010.
Western BLAST is a novel approach to chromogenic Western Blotting, as it amplifies signal and yields sensitivity comparable to chemiluminescent techniques.
coli, Harlequin[TM] mLGA chromogenic medium and Tryptone Bile Agar provide highly sensitive detection of faecal contamination of water.
These solutions leverage Gentel's expertise including a proprietary array platform, custom protein arrays, assay development services, sample processing services and chromogenic or fluorescent detection.
is intended for coagulation tests based on fibrin endpoint detection by optical measurement of the initial rate of change in absorption when performing chromogenic assays.
Chromogenic polymers are those polymers which have the ability to change their colour or other optical properties in response to a particular stimulus, including heat (thermochromic or thermotropic), pressure (piezochromic) or light (photochromic).
In anticipation of these future needs, Oxoid has launched Cronobacter Screening Broth (product code CM1121) and Chromogenic Cronobacter Isolation Agar (product code CM1122).
This chromogenic substrate, initially colorless, becomes strong in color upon degradation and renders completely soluble products with high-extinction coefficients (ie, dense color per unit degraded) According to the manufacturer, in addition to its easy-to-use, one-bottle format, OneBlue offers excellent performance, sensitivity, and lot-to-lot consistency.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Chromogenic agar for candida 3X500 gm ,Cooked Meat Medium 4X500 gm , Corn Meal Agar 4X100 gm , Ox bile, Bacteriological 1X500 gm , Gentamicin sulphate powder 5X5 gm , L canavanine sulphate 2X100 mg ,Lactophenol cotton blue 2X500 ml ,Potato Dextrose agar 2X500 gm ,MacConkey Broth Double Strength 1X500 gm ,Kanamycin monosulphate
Harlequin[TM] SMAC-BCIG is a modification of SMAC agar in which the addition of a specific chromogenic substrate (5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indoxyl-E-D-glucuronide [BCIG]) allows the straightforward differentiation of E.
In addition, most coagulometers also perform chromogenic and immunoturbidometric assays.
Additives for chromogenic agar for listeria (aloa) - chromogenic listeria agar (iso) base (cm1084) production of oxoid
Validation studies have proven the performance of the MALDI Biotyper for the direct confirmation and identification of bacteria from the selective media recommended by the FDA, ISO and USDA, as well as from several chromogenic media, and from any non-selective culture media.
Chromogenic detection: This automatically detects color of colonies on chromogenic media plates