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a compound that can be converted to a pigment

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MDA forms a pink chromogen by reacting with thiobarbituric acid at 90-95 AdegC.
Bound antibody was detected with Bond Polymer Refine Detection kit, using DAB as the chromogen.
Brown staining indicates macrophages stained by DAB chromogen. Magnification: 100 x .
Staining intensity reflects cytoplasmic staining on tissue sections and chromogen staining of cells with scoring as follows: 0, no staining; +1, mild staining; +2, moderate intensity staining and +3, strong staining.
This assay measures the rate of oxidation of [Fe.sup.2+] to [Fe.sup.3+] (by using 3-(2-pyridyl)-5,6-bis-[2-(5-furylsulfonic acid)]-1,2,4-triazine as chromogen) catalyzed by ceruloplasmin and other soluble factors.
N1 type refers to colored material (chromogen), which has been bonded on the tooth surface and leads to tooth discoloration.
Chromogen absorbance was determined at [lambda] = 532 nm at room temperature against blank reference.
The second spectrophotometric method is based on the reaction of cephalexin with ninhydrin reagent giving blue colored chromogen, which was measured at 576 nm.
betazoid 3,3'-diaminobenzidine (dAB) chromogen (BDB900C) 1 x 1 ml, (c) betazoid DAB substrate buffer (DS900H) 1 x 25 ml were used.
The reagent strips contain chromogen KI also along with glucose oxidase and peroxidase enzymes.
As the course progresses, a humanitarian group, The CareHart Foundation, comes into play and later a more nefarious corporate entity called Chromogen.
Antigen unmasking was performed with the detection system made of anti-mouse and anti-rabbit IgG conjugated with horseradish peroxidase (Lab Vision UltraVision LP Detection System: HRP Polymer (Ready-To-Use), Lab Vision Corporation, Fremont, USA) in the first step and DAB chromogen (DAKO liquid DAB + Substrate Chromogen System, DAKO Corporation, USA) in the second step of immunodetection.
Determination of blood glucose using an oxidase-peroxidase system with a non-carcinogenic chromogen. J Clin Pathol 22: 158-161.
Some of the listed limitations affect the perceived staining intensity of any chromogen, not only DAB.
The captured enzyme acts on chromogen generated color which is proportional to anti HCV antibodies present in serum sample, determined by ratio of OD to the calculated cut off value.