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a compound that can be converted to a pigment

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Immunohistochemical reaction (IHC) with 3,3'-diaminobenzidine (DAB) chromogen and hematoxylin counterstain.
The principle of this method is based on staining of chromogen DAB which will bind with the antibody of p53, Bcl-2, Caspases 8 and 9, and formed brown color on the cell membrane.
Enzyme Labelled anti-Brucella antibodies (monoclonal antibody, MAb) were added followed by the addition of substrate and chromogen solution.
Antigen unmasking was performed with the detection system made of anti-mouse and anti-rabbit IgG conjugated with horseradish peroxidase (Lab Vision UltraVision LP Detection System: HRP Polymer (Ready-To-Use), Lab Vision Corporation, Fremont, USA) in the first step and DAB chromogen (DAKO liquid DAB + Substrate Chromogen System, DAKO Corporation, USA) in the second step of immunodetection.
Determination of blood glucose using an oxidase-peroxidase system with a non-carcinogenic chromogen.
Some of the listed limitations affect the perceived staining intensity of any chromogen, not only DAB.
Sections were then incubated with a primary monoclonal anti CD 10 antibody (DAKO) and DAB chromogen was applied to the sections followed by counter staining with hematoxylin.
The captured enzyme acts on chromogen generated color which is proportional to anti HCV antibodies present in serum sample, determined by ratio of OD to the calculated cut off value.
The reduced chromogen directly proportional to GSH concentration and its absorbance was measured at 405 nm (Ellman, 1959).
For staining 33'- Diaminobenzidine (DAB) chromogen solution (1 drop of DAB chromogen mixed with 1 ml of the DAB substrate) was poured onto the tissue sections.
Staining was then visualized by using 3,3'-diaminobenzidine chromogen.
The medium also possesses an enhanced dual chromogen system that ensures colonies of Salmonella are always green while non-target organisms appear black or colourless, for clear differentiation.
After washing the wells, a chromogen substrate (tetramethylbenzidine) is added and incubated, leading to color development which is proportional to the amount of malaria antibodies present in the sample.
Chromogen absorbance was measured at wave length of 450 nm using Creatinine Analyzer 2 (Beckman, Munich, Germany).