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single- or multi-color lithography

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Where this simple printing from stone is repeated several times by different stones and colors on a single impression the process is called Chromo Lithography.
The holistic spa brings together authentic ancient Balinese healing traditions, aroma, hydro and chromo therapies and facilities to nurture the body and achieve overall well-being and balance.
The current taxonomy of Chromo bacterium consists of 11 recognized species: C.
Glassine, Azure Laid and Chromo are all types of what?
With inbuilt features like monitoring body vitals, chromo therapy, adjustable base, anti snoring (first mattress in the world to stop snoring while asleep) and zero gravity (most comfortable position known to the world as of today which is exact same position in which a child remains in a mother's womb, known to completely distress one), Magni SmarTech has taken the concept of healthy lifestyle in a technological world to another level.
Para el caso del CHROMAgar UTI, se seleccionaban las colonias de color azul, para el medio Baird Parker las colonias negras, y para el medio Chromo Candida se buscaban colonias de color verde.
In the interior, contrasts between black and red express the typical BMW athleticism: sporting chromo scaling at console, red contrast stitching on the sport steering wheel and a basic decorative trim strip in high-gloss black with coral red accentuated strip.
Las muestras se llevaron al termociclador PTC-200 Engine Chromo IV (MJ Research-Biorad, EEUU) programado con el siguiente protocolo: 25[grados]C por 10 min, 50[grados]C por 30 min, 85[grados]C por 5 min.
Precizines skales gaminamos ant ilgos stiklines liniuotes, kurios viena plokstuma padengta ypac kieta chromo plevele, arba plienines juostos su aukso pleveles danga.
metal complexes with (Phen) can be viewed to develop new molecular " Chromo sensors" for metal cations and anions, ionophores as well as new intercalating agents for polynucleotide's especially in case of DNA cleavage.
CordZero collection is available in a range of colours including Chrome, Sparkle Red and Lime Blue in Handstick type and Matt Chromo Silver in Canister Type across all major retail outlets including Sharaf DG.
Van Wyck Brooks, an early critic of the novel, argued that Twain's judgment of the worth of Joan of Arc was "quite immature; and certainly, beside 'Huckleberry Finn' and 'Tom Sawyer,' no one else can take very seriously a work that is, for all its charm, scarcely anything but a literary chromo" (171).
This private space has a sauna, steam room with chromo light therapy and relaxation area for you to relax and enjoy.
T alk about cheap: There's a $50 tablet called the Chromo 7Ci.