chromium steel

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steel containing chromium that makes it resistant to corrosion

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Selection of the optimum de-oxidation conditions of chromium steel is produced by plasma melting, Sudostroit.
Other topics include volumetric and surface position annihilation studies, crack analysis of welded joints for high chromium steel, the role of applied potential on environment-assisted cracking of zirconium alloys, and finite element simulation of crack propagation for complex geometries without remeshing.
Sleekly made from steel plate and chromium steel, this bullet-shaped can has a corrosion-resistant exterior; a lid that forms an odor-proof seal and opens and closes silently at the barest touch, thanks to a uniquely designed hinge; an interior metal bucket that may be lifted out to empty it or can accommodate "SmartFix" bin liners which can be disposed of simply and neatly; an unobtrusive, yet rugged hand grip that allows you to move the bin easily, even when fully loaded; and a plastic base to prevent scratching the floor.
The permissible operating window (shown in blue) for both the chilled cast iron materials (K and KT) as well as a specially developed chromium steel material (such as KSTV from Walzen Irle) is shown.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Chromium steel round ( en-31) ( is-970-1970-) /aisi:5210030mm dia c%0.
Chemical composition of initial slags and slags produced after PSR of pellets, ferrochromium and chromium steel Weight share of components, % Slags MnO Ti[O.
Drill bushings are made of high carbon chromium steel, minimum bore hardness of 58 Rc, nitrided alloy steel for tough applications and extended wear, and carbide for maximum wear resistance.
MMFX, an emerging leader in the development of new technologies that are producing, among other things, the next generation of steel products, drafted the specification: the ASTM A1035-04 Low-Carbon, Chromium steel bars for concrete reinforcement at 100,000 pounds per square inch (psi).
Tenders are invited for Supply of Chromium steel round (en 31) (bs - 970-1970)/ aisi : 52100 dia 70mm c% 0.
The CD5OOM is a direct drive cast iron pump with a cast chromium steel impeller designed for general pumping of solids up to 4 inches in diameter.
For durability, the Heidra 150VSG is designed with a cast iron pumpend and a cast chromium steel vortex impeller.
Tenders are invited for Chromium Steel 13Mm Dia As Per Bs-