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a hard brittle multivalent metallic element

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In Russia, where the automobile market is expanding, chromium plating sometimes suffers from a specific type of corrosion.
chromium compounds depends principally on valency as well as physical and chemical properties of the specific compounds.
The chromium supplements included in the analysis were chromium chloride, chromium picolinate, chromium nicotinate, chromium dinicocysteinate and chromium yeast.
4 meg of hexavalent chromium per day, 220 times the maximum amount one could be exposed to from daily intake of water under California's proposed limit.
The Cr(VI) is a toxic form of chromium which is known to cause severe health problems in humans and animals resulting in skin rash, stomach ulcers, respiratory problems, weakening the immune system, kidney and liver damage and lungs cancer.
Studies on the effects of these supplements have yielded mixed results, but since chromium generally is safe to use in recommended doses, it may be worth a try, especially if you have type 2 diabetes, said Mandy Leonard, R.
The main messages are that all forms of chromium are not equivalent and that higher doses of chromium picolinate are required for people with type 2 diabetes," explains C.
Chromium is found in nature as part of chromite ore (Fe[Cr.
High concentrations of cobalt, chromium and molybdenum were detected compared to the wide scan.
Metallic Chromium (CrO)--a steel gray solid with a high melting point used to make steel and other alloys.
The evidence: Chromium supplements came up empty in all but one of the six good studies that looked at people at risk of diabetes (they were overweight, had a family history, or had abnormal responses to a glucose tolerance test).
The scientists set out to create nontoxic coatings as hard and corrosion resistant as the chromium layer applied to steel.
GLENDALE - Rising levels of chromium 6 in the city's groundwater wells could force the shutdown of multimillion-dollar treatment plants that aren't designed to remove the chemical from the drinking supply, officials warned.
When the chromium oxidizes--a naturally occurring phenomenon--it forms chromium oxide.