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a brownish-black mineral

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As I've said before, Noront has acquired a world-class series of chromite deposits both in size and quality," he said.
This was despite the fact that the Coto Chromite mining project had been in operation for more than five decades.
Casting trials were performed to evaluate the physical properties of synthetic aggregate materials directly produced from bauxite and compared to properties and casting performance of silica and chromite sand.
My truck was hired by a Congress leader for transport of chromite ore.
A Chinese company has been working since long on a chromite project in the Muslim Bagh area.
Chromite is an industrially important mineral for the production of metallic chromium, used as an alloying ingredient in stainless and tool steels, as well as a refractory material, because it has high heat stability.
Total sales volumes of manganese and chromite ore in the quarter increased by 3% compared to the same quarter of the previous year.
June 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Industrial Minerals Corporation Limited (OTCQX: ILMCY) (ASX: IDM), a minerals processing company focused on developing the Southern Oregon Mineral Sands Project, announced today that its primary chromite product, called SpheriChrome(TM), will be officially launched at "The Bright World of Metals," the 12th International Foundry Trade Fair (GIFA) at Dusseldorf, Germany June 28-July 2, 2011.
Chromite, one of the most abundant heavy minerals in the area and a high-end source of foundry sands and stainless steel, was selling for only about $90 per ton.
In this work we compute temperature distribution in the mould of a finned stator body for four different moulding sands: Cerabead, Zircon, Chromite and Silica.
Over time, chromite slowly releases chromium (III), a relatively benign form of the element.
Early olivine, pyroxene, chromite and immiscible sulfide formation cause compatible elements (e.
New low-cost ounces as Chromite tailings retreatment project enters production
The bulk of the Dark Ridge body is dinute that has been variously hydrated during metamorphism producing assemblages of olivine and chromite with varying amounts of talc, serpentine, chlorite, and amphibole.
Operation Chromite established an allied foothold that eventually pushed the North Koreans back, freeing the South Korean capital area and proving the Marine Corps amphibious operation was alive and well.