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a brownish-black mineral

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Latypov added in a statement from the university, "together with a large group of my colleagues, I have been trying hard for several decades to find a mechanism that can explain the formation of these large chromite deposits in shallow crustal chambers but it turned out that we have been looking in the wrong place.
The protesters, while chanting slogans against the local administration for not resolving the dispute over chromite mines among the different tribes of the region, marched from Nawagai Bazaar to the administration's compound.
Other occurrences of chromite include those of the Ras Koh Range in western Balochistan and Wad deposits of Khuzdar district.
KWG Resources, another Ring of Fire chromite player and staunch railroad promoter, took its Chinese railway engineering partners to meet with Ontario Northland officials in April 2016.
The allegations reported in the news for the illegal mining of Chromite in Tehsil Tangi District Charsadda is not based on facts'.
Sinai, which was given a mining permit in 1997 ceased to operate in 2011 due to low price of chromite in the world market, MGB records said.
Geological map of Jijal Complex showing location of chromite mines in different areas has been prepared by modifying the existing map on the scale 1:50,000.
Hasan Reza Yusufi, yet another member of the provincial council, says chromite has for months been extracted by Pakistani engineers and smuggled to Pakistan.
Keywords: Sodium chromate, Low grade chromite ore, Muslimbagh area
Although chromite costs about double the high cost of silica, the ability to magnetically separate chromite from silica and the high reclamation rate associated with furan binder made this system the low-cost choice.
This was despite the fact that the Coto Chromite mining project had been in operation for more than five decades.
The charge against the minister was brought by former Congress MLA Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra aka Lulu who dug up an old case in which a truck belonging to Mallick was seized by the Parjang police for illegal transportation of chromite.
In November 2013, Cliffs Natural Resources decided to halt its Big Daddy chromite project, citing risks associated with developing infrastructure in the frontier area of northern Ontario.
The mineral Chromite is an oxide of chromium, iron and magnesium, and is the only ore of Chromium.
PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has intentionally paved the ground for illegal mining and smuggling of chromite in central Logar province, officials alleged on Wednesday.