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a brownish-black mineral

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In 2003, SMEDA Balochistan proposed a chromite beneficiation plant, capable of producing 15,000 tons of the concentrates by conducting a detailed study on chromite.
* Chromite lump ore, Chrome ore Briquettes, coke, quartz are mixed in a pre-calculated proportion.
They confessed to the crime during preliminary investigation, saying that they had a dispute with deceased Noor Mohammad and Musa over chromite mines.
Noront designed the Sault processing facility to be scalable as it gradually brings its stable of chromite deposits into production over the next several years.
To date, the country hosts 48 operating metallic mines consisting of 30 nickel, eight gold with silver as co-product, three copper with gold and silver as co-products, three chromite, and four iron mines.
Keywords: Khanozai, Karezat, Urak Group, Alozai Group, Triassic, Kakar Khorasan (Back Arc) Basin, Pishin Flysch Basin, Muslim Bagh Ophiolite, Chromite, Quetta, Pakistan.
'With the Philippines's long history and experience in mining, it has demonstrated its very rich potential for copper, gold, nickel, chromite and other metallic minerals through the commercial operation of numerous mines,' the MGB earlier said.
Latypov added in a statement from the university, "together with a large group of my colleagues, I have been trying hard for several decades to find a mechanism that can explain the formation of these large chromite deposits in shallow crustal chambers but it turned out that we have been looking in the wrong place."
MGB noted that currently, only seven gold, four copper, one chromite, and 17 nickel mines reported production during the nine-month period.
PESHAWAR -- Syed Zaheerul Islam, Secretary Mineral Development Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has contradicted a news item appeared in a section of the press alleging illegal mining of Chromite in Tehsil Tangi District Charsadda.
Abdul Jamae Jamae, a deputy speaker in the council, says Pakistani engineers in Zana Khan district are digging up chromite for some months now.
ABSTRACT: A significant and cheaper chemical compound, Sodium chromate having the formula Na2CrO4 was prepared from low grade chromite of Muslimbagh area.
Proposed IEZ sites in Balochistan include Quetta, Dostan, Gwadar, Khuzdar, Uthal, Hub and Dera Murad Jamali, Khuzdar, Chaghi, Qila Saifullah and Muslim Bagh (antimony, chromite); Saindak (gold, silver), Reko Diq (gold), Kalat (iron) Lasbela (manganese), Gwadar (oil refinery).
According to complainant Consolidated Mines, Inc., the mineral rights holder of the area covered by the Coto Chromite Project, Gojo and a group of police officers headed by police provincial Director Francisco Santiago Jr.