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chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vivid in hue

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The filter shows that the chrominance noise around Kim Jong Un's face has "lots of red colors" and doesn't match the rest of his body.
A wide set of colour spaces have been considered to model the skin chrominance (Vezhnevets et al.
L from CIE LAB, V from HSV or Y from YIQ, as the chrominance channels usually do not contain the data useful for further binarization and recognition.
YCbCr: The Y element represents the luminance component and the Cb Cr elements represent two chrominance components.
First, it performs a spatial processing, dividing each frame into horizontal slots 16 pixels wide, each slot in turn is divided into "macro blocks" of 16 x 16 pixels, each macro block is composed of blocks of 8 x 8 pixels, which can be luminance and/or chrominance blocks (Cr + Cb).
In spite of different intensities, human epidermis has slight chrominance variations (DAI; NAKANO, 1996; VEZHNEVETS, 2002).
Within the PCR, three RM-HP790 JVC camera control units control the three new cameras individually for colour temperature, chrominance, luminance and contrast of the camera signal.
The VC1080 provides chrominance and Luminance separation for composited video, and deinterlacing for smooth video playback.
The YIQ model was designed to separate chrominance from luminance, a requirement in the early days of colour television.
Most chrominance changes in a real scene are accompanied by a luminance change [5].
264 compression algorithm, which uses the 4:2:2(3) chrominance format, enables footage of fast-moving sports like soccer to be broadcast without sacrificing quality, ensuring that viewers at home can enjoy realistic and thrilling videos of world-class soccer matches.
The results show that the viewers estimated that the best ratio between quality and compression level is achieved at compression level 8, which corresponds to approximate quality factors of 88,28 for luminance, and 90,19 for chrominance.
Waveform monitors are used to see where black levels and white levels are, while vectorscopes work with chrominance information.
Chrominance and luminance filters limit dot crawl effects and tearing effects are managed using a dedicated tearing effect signal.