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Synonyms for suture

a seam used in surgery

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thread of catgut or silk or wire used by surgeons to stitch tissues together

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join with a suture

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This vertical compression suture (figure 3, page 7) is performed by placing two to four vertical #2 chromic sutures directly through the anterior to posterior uterine wall, tying the suture on the fundus using a 3-throw technique to minimize slippage of the first knot.
The repair was performed with 4-0 chromic suture. The wound was dressed with Bacitracin ointment while leaving the Foley catheter in place.
The doctor did a cesarean and dictated that the uterine incision was reapproximated with "O chromic suture." Amazingly, the student typed that the uterine incision was reapproximated with "old crummy suture." Probably not a good vaginal birth after cesarean candidate!
(17) In a study of 144 cases of wound breakdown following a perineal laceration repair, the major risk factors for wound breakdown were episiotomy (aOR, 11.1), smoking (aOR, 6.4), midwife repair of laceration (aOR, 4.7), use of chromic suture (aOR, 3.9), and operative vaginal delivery (aOR, 3.4).
The suture I use for the rectal mucosa is 3-0 GI chromic suture on a tapered needle in a running fashion, carried to the nadir of the tear.
For hematomas larger than 1 cm in diameter, the dead space was collapsed with a 6-0 chromic suture placed in a quilt-stitch pattern.