chrome green

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any of a class of green pigments consisting of chrome yellow and iron blue

a brilliant green color

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Type of pigments: Blacks (Near Infrared reflective pigments; Near Infrared Transparent pigments; Mica-based effect pigments, Heat Management pigments); Blues (Phthalocyanine Blue; Cobalt Aluminum Oxides); Corrosion inhibiting (Miscellaneous additives); Extender pigments (Miscellaneous pigment extenders and reinforcers); Greens (Chrome Green pigments, Phthalocyanine Green Pigments); Iron Oxide pigments (Transparent Iron Oxides); Metallic pigments (Pearlescent effects pigments; Special effects pigments, Vacuum-metallized aluminum pigments); Reds (Diketopyrrolo Pyrolle (DPP) pigments, Quinacridone pigments, Pyrazolone red and maroon.
(3) In many compositions, the colour obtained by using chrome is the characteristic chrome green. By mixing CoO, [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] and [Cr.sub.2][O.sub.3] in appropriate proportions, black and grey colours can be obtained.
These rich, vibrant, saturated shades in indigo blue, purple haze, red lead and chrome green will give you a great choice for colours to accessorise with.
Pigments that are expected to go up in price by as much as 8-10% in the very near future include chrome yellow, chrome green, zinc chromate, and moly orange.
In a similar fashion, Orna and Mathews discovered that a 16th-century Persian Manuscript was in fact made at least three centuries later, because it contains chrome green, a modern synthetic pigment.