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of or relating to chromatography

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2]D, particular care must be taken to chromatographically separate it from other dihydroxylated vitamin D species [e.
Thirty microliter of the resulting amino acid solution were injected into an amino acid analyzer "Biochrom 30 plus" (Onken, Griindau, Germany), where the amino acids were separated chromatographically, derivatized with ninhydrin, and absorption measured at wave lengths 440 and 570 nm.
Working with biologists and the firm Air Variable, the artist embarked on a process of conversion: she chromatographically analyzed scent molecules from air samples of the collected bacteria, as well as air samples taken at Gagosian Gallery in New York during the run of an Urs Fischer exhibition.
The search for new, natural insecticidal metabolites can be achieved by chromatographically separating them from complex natural matrixes.
It can be inferred that UF resin components likely chromatographically separate when applied to fiber and that, because of their dispersal throughout the wood fiber matrix, only limited amounts of resin components couple together.
Chromatographically purified heliomicin exhibited only antifungal activity even though, as in this report, its synthesis was induced by septic injury with a suspension of gram positive and gram negative bacteria (Lamberty et al.
Immunogenicity, safety and lot consistency in adults of a chromatographically purified Vero-cell rabies vaccine: a randomized, double-blind trial with human diploid cell rabies vaccine.
The headspace was sampled at room temperature with a Gilson gas autosampler through a rubber septum in the vial cap, and was swept with a stream of helium through a magnesium perchlorate water trap, concentrated chromatographically (Europa ANCA GSL), then passed to a Europa 20-20 stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer.
HP-Sphere is chromatographically tested proprietary silica with 40% more surface area than previously available flash silica in the same high performance category, improving loading capacity and providing superior separation of eluting compounds.
2 mL acridine orange (AO) stain solution (containing 6 [micro]g AO, chromatographically purified; Polysciences, Inc.
The present investigation represents the first reported endeavour to chromatographically isolate an antifungal protein from seeds of S.
Two active fractions were chromatographically separated from the tryptic hydrolysate of the bovine CMP, but their complexity hampered the assignment of the ACE-inhibitory activity to specific peptide sequences.
With GC/MS, organic acids are chromatographically separated on the basis of their polarity and volatility and then bombarded by an electron beam that fragments the eluting molecules in a characteristic pattern.
All samples and standard solutions were chromatographically analyzed with ODS column using gradient mobile phase 30% acetonitrile, 70% water, flow rate 1ml/min and UV-VIS detection at wavelength 233 nm in order to estimate serum leptin.