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a process used for separating mixtures by virtue of differences in absorbency

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This route requires more interaction by the chromatographer with both applications.
Our Mountain Water decaf process remains the same even though there has been many changes on smaller details of our process like more efficient engines, new materials (most of them oriented to save energy), better software and controllers and for our lab a new gas chromatographer for quality control testings.
Gas chromatography analysis (GC-FID): The quantitative analysis was done with the help of a chromatographer in gas phase equipped with flame ionisation detector (GC-FID), Varian capillary column (5% poly diphenyl 95% dimethylsiloxane, TR5- CPSIL- 5CB; 50 m length, 0.
In a varied working life, Shaun's jobs have included radio and post office equipment troubleshooter, instrument technician, ICI gas analyst and chromatographer and even a TV and film extra.
An Agilent Technologies G1888 Headspace Sampler, 6890N Gas Chromatographer, and 5973N Mass Selective Detector were used to process the samples
The leak from the cylinder could be introduced at three different levels, and the sampling measure for the gas chromatographer could also be taken at three different levels (Figure 6).
The author, a practicing chromatographer, presents the material with the intent to provide a link between chromatographic practice and theoretical mathematics.
SRI counts on the nonprofessional chromatographer for much of its business, but its highly customizable GCs--the company offers 16 different detectors and 12 types of injectors--allow SRI to reach niche markets.
Let us radically empower Hoffer's argument by imagining that we could actually reproduce the taste of a lemon; that, courtesy of the gas liquid chromatographer (a machine able to reproduce flavors), John Hopkins University Press, which published Hoffer's book, reproduced a small square of lickable paper immediately following his paragraph about the taste of lemons.
A Varian Aerograph 1400 series chromatographer was used with a 1/8" diameter by 1.
Another limitation, which would apply to any liquid chromatographer who is just learning MS, is that there is no description of how to modify traditional LC solvent programs to eliminate nonvolatile buffers.
2:3] families were determined with a high performance liquid chromatographer (HPLC).
Advanced Chemistry Development, a Toronto-based firm, also provides an expert system designed to help the chromatographer in the selection of optimized parameters to achieve the desired chromatographic separation.