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a process used for separating mixtures by virtue of differences in absorbency

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J&W also presents various technical presentations and posters throughout each year to chromatographers attending the Pittsburgh, PA Conference and other regional tradeshows across the country.
They save chromatographers time and rework while supporting excellent chromatographic results.
The composition of essential oils was analysed by a gas chromatographer, mass spectrometer (GC-MS) and an apparatus consisting of a HP 6890 and a HP 5973 fitted with a HP-5 capillary column.
The weight-average and number-average molecular weights of the DtBP-PPV and DO-PPV were measured by a gel permeation chromatographer (GPC) of the Analytical Scientific Instrument Model 500 system.
The LIMS spewed forth paper, then the chromatographer gratefully withdrew the work list from the printer and dutifully typed the sample information into the CDS.
An invaluable reference for any chromatographer and analytical chemist, it provides all the answers to questions like:
Two [micro]l was used for gas chromatographer and mass spectrometer (GCMS) measurements.
I wandered first to the huge Waters booth, and immediately was drawn to a loud, belligerent voice; it was my old friend Lazlo, the brilliant, yet hopelessly deranged chromatographer who was being trailed by a publisher.
Finally, molecular weights were determined by liquid chromatography (GPC) in a high-temperature chromatographer.
GPC analysis were carried out in a Waters 600E chromatographer, using chloroform as solvent at 25[degrees]C.
The featured QSM and SM-FTN on the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class combine to enable the chromatographer to achieve high separation efficiency using sub-2-micron particle separations at high pressures.
With all these new improvements, any chromatographer should be able to find ways to improve his or her lab's productivity using the 7890A.
WHEATON's newly-issued White Paper, Chromatography Sample Integrity with High-Density Sample Handling Solutions, is aimed at the growing number of chromatographers considering investing in automated high throughput sample preparation systems.
New additions include software programs such as PowerPoint, Prezi and Flash, as well as technologies such as thermocyclers, multiple mini gel electrophoresis rigs with transblotters, high-performance liquid chromatographers, an interpretive EKG, a metabolic analysis system, Doppler ultrasonography, nuclear magnetic resonance and a plate reader.
However, the low resistance of conventional HPLC columns still sets a limit to this advantage: Most columns cannot handle values above 7pH and below 3pH without suffering a loss in performance, and chromatographers seek a robust EIRE column.