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the recording (column or paper strip) on which the constituents of a mixture are adsorbed in chromatography

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More important, when there is a question about an HbA1c result that seems inconsistent either with glucose testing or previous HbA1c results, the ion-exchange HPLC chromatogram provides the lens to visualize where the interference is.
30] tricyclic terpane (S + R) was recorded in a surprisingly high abundance and is the most prevailing component as revealed on the m/z 191 mass chromatogram.
In the chromatogram, the big shaded peak represents the bound proteins to the DEAE Sepharose[TM] and from which the LAH was analyzed through SDS-PAGE while the non-shaded area was the wash-out proteins that unbound to the column resin.
A GCxGC chromatogram of oil found on a rocky beach can reveal that the oil lost 35 percent of its naphthalene via evaporation, while 10 percent of the compound dissolved in water.
A peak chromatogram of diluent solution and a typical chromatogram butamirate citrate standard was presented in Fig.
The HPLC chromatogram identified 3 major hemoglobins, HbA, HbS and a large amount (15.
Direct sequencing of primary samples showed a similar profile of chromatogram with a higher signal for the K136 mutant and a minor peak for the Q136 wild-type strain (Figure 2).
Fig 2 :HPLC Chromatogram of d-Ritalinic acid (d-TRS) and l-Ritalinic acid (l-TRS).
This figure shows that for the molecular identification (the chromatogram on the top) there were many different peaks for the many compounds released during substrate preparation.
Applying then equation 5 to the chromatogram shown in figure 2 results in a calculated [R.
As the dialysis is performed during the recording of the previous sample's chromatogram, the overall analysis time is not prolonged.
The eluted spotted plates were dried at room temperature and they were placed in iodine chamber for the development of chromatogram.