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Synonyms for color

the property by which the sense of vision can distinguish between objects, as a red apple and a green apple, that are very similar or identical in form and size

something that imparts color

skin tone, especially of the face

a fresh rosy complexion

to impart color to

to immerse in a coloring solution


to become red in the face

to give an inaccurate view of by representing falsely or misleadingly

to give a deceptively attractive appearance to

Synonyms for color

interest and variety and intensity

the timbre of a musical sound

a race with skin pigmentation different from the white race (especially Blacks)

(physics) the characteristic of quarks that determines their role in the strong interaction

the appearance of objects (or light sources) described in terms of a person's perception of their hue and lightness (or brightness) and saturation


affect as in thought or feeling

modify or bias


give a deceptive explanation or excuse for

having or capable of producing colors

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As it appears in these pages, Kelly's ethos is highly singular--indeed, it is an ethos of singularity, of the bottomless distinctiveness of all things: "His art," Bois writes, "is paradoxically the least abstract: it is impervious to universals, it knows only of particulars." This character finds paradigmatic expression in Kelly's turn to discrete, clearly delimited panels--here arranged in a modular grid (Colors for a Large Wall, 1951), there arrayed in a serial row (Painting for a White Wall, 1952)--as well as in what Bois casts as a kind of chromatic nominalism, bound in the artist's conviction as to the absolute specificity of every hue.
His fraught Victorianism required the tensions of a setting sun, the chromatics of a wounded
At the base of the land is a commercial building housing Millbury Federal Credit Union, Chromatics Hair & Color salon and two other retail spaces now for rent.
This year, albums and shows by kindred acts such as Hercules & Love Affair, Chromatics, Glass Candy and the Italians Do It Better crew have revamped the style and presented it to a new generation.
10), although technically these are very accomplished compositions, which make inventive use of the possibilities of chromatics in the harmonies.
Diane Piemonte, vice president of creative services for Revman pointed to the company's Di Lewis line of solids called Chromatics. "The texturing is a real part of the story.
Besides the usual confusion of accidentals that results when entering chromatics without a key signature, "courtesy accidentals" are hard-coded in parentheses, creating an unacceptable appearance along with additional spacing problems.
Data conversion services can be obtained from American Pacific Data Services; Michael Baker, Jr., Inc.; Byers Engineering Co.; Data Chromatics; Emery DataGraphic; Lockwood Mapping Inc.; MAPCON Systems, Inc.; QC Data; ThirdWave Corp.; Ultimap Corporation.
These chromatics are punctuated by high-key reds, and the lowest third of each painting is a ruddy brown.
How else would one appreciate the materialism expressed in the fastidious chromatics that Wagner employed in the featured work, or the bipolar romantic moods that Schumann expressed in his works?
Patterns include scales with arpeggios; scales in tetrachords, modes and thirds; arpeggiated diatonic chords and chromatics; blues; pentatonic and whole-tone scales.
?????ATICS KILL FOR LOVE DESPITE having been around for the best part of 10 years, Oregon electro-band The Chromatics only broke into the public consciousness last year, after the pulsating Tick Of The Clock featured prominently on the Drive soundtrack and on a variety of adverts.