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the quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength


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Titratable acidity (A), brightness (B), chromaticity (C) and hue angle (D) as a function of days of storage and bagging of 'Prata Ana' banana bunches with TNT bags at different periods.
In Section 2, the background study which consists of the relationship between RGB and rgb chromaticity and color cast removal in images using GW method are reported.
Furthermore, transmittance in the bump region also influences chromaticity of an LCD.
The brightness ([L.sup.*]), value [a.sup.*], and chromaticity ([C.sup.*]) increases as the particle size decreases; on the contrary, the variables [b.sup.*] and h[degrees] are reduced as the particle size increases (Table 2).
The CIE (Commission Internationale de I'Eclairage, 1931) chromaticity coordinates of GdV[O.sub.4]:[Sm.sup.3+] are presented in Figure 9.
(v) Conversion of XYZ tristimulus values to the (x, y) chromaticity coordinates and the relation to the FUI values, where x = X/(X + Y + Z) and y = Y/(X + Y + Z) defines the (x, y) chromaticity coordinates
The wine color results were characterized by: lightness (L*), which ranges from black (0) to white (100); and chromaticity (C*), which represents color purity.
The lightness, [L.sup.*], and chromaticity coordinates ([a.sup.*] and [b.sup.*]) were measured using CM700d of Konica-Minolta Co., and the total color difference ([DELTA][E.sup.*]ab) was obtained using the following equation:
Figure 8(c) shows the CIE chromaticity diagram for 3 mol% Sm doped NaY[F.sub.4] micro/nanoplates under 399 nm excitation wavelength.
Figure 6 shows CIE x, y chromaticity diagram of EL device with ZnS:Cu phosphor change in thickness which responded to green-blue color.
The luminosity or brightness, allow classify the color as light or dark, this attribute is a relative measure of the light reflected off the absorbed, so this is not, considered as a parameter of the chromaticity.
The samples were evaluated for luminosity from zero (black) to 100 (white), chromaticity coordinate [a.sup.*], whose negative value represents tendency to the green color and positive value, a tendency to the red color, and chromaticity coordinate [b.sup.*], whose negative value shows tendency to the blue color and positive value to the yellow color.
Next the fundamental properties of color are described, including the nature of light, chromaticity, and additive and subtractive color combinations.