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based on a scale consisting of 12 semitones

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being or having or characterized by hue

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These exercises all begin using C horn (F:13), and should be repeated chromatically upward through each "horn" to the shortest "horn"--B[flat] alto (T:0), although the teacher may call a halt at any time if bad habits like throat constriction, too much pressure, or poor tone start creeping in.
In future editions of this resource, editors may consider the benefits of working chromatically within a key signature.
Regarding psychological aspects it claims that moral judgment follows a dynamical model of reasons, according to which reasons are situated in an agent's structured morphological background, chromatically illuminating the judgment (Horgan, Timmons 2007, forthcoming).
The figure of Andreou's mother is stylistically and, in particular, chromatically different from other of his works of the same period, probably due to the particular psychological effect she had on the artist.
PPG also provides color chips of variant formulas in its comprehensive color decks that are arranged chromatically. Sprayed with actual refinish paint, each chip provides "what you see is what you get" accuracy to the mixed formula."
Each unit of this chain depicted highly chromatically rendered sausages, which were hung in a zigzag fashion to connect the links.
Bowles sets this as a three-part form in which the B section is a sparse, chromatically descending conversation with Isabel.
For the chromatically correct and realistic replay of the holograms, the museum is using HoLoPoS, the LED luminaires specially developed by HiH for lighting its true-colour reflection holograms (see HN Vol 27, No 3).
Among them the arpeggiated ascent covering the entire range of the piano in the passage labeled A, the descending tritone passage drafted in B, the lilting, chromatically ascending Barcarole figures seen in E, or the chromatically ascending run shown in the passage labeled F.
Consisting of 1,800 large colour chips sorted chromatically and sprayed with refinish paint, the Value Colour Deck is the latest addition to PPG's comprehensive line of best-in-class colour identification and matching solutions.
Directly after Clooney intones the "grievin'" figure at the cadence, the full band lurches upward in unison through a syncopated, chromatically inflected, two-bar climb, a kind of sonic launching pad for Anderson.
He arrived several times at common tones on top--lingering while moving the rest of the chord groups down chromatically (in half steps), this while maintaining static pedal-tones in the left hand bass.
After taking the shade match, show the patient their tooth color on a shade guide that is arranged chromatically from dark to light, q-his simple technique is a very useful conversation starter and a great way to introduce your whitening options.
The target analytes were carbaryl, propoxur, chlordane ([alpha] - and [gamma] - isomers), methoxychlor, chlorpyrifos, diazinon, cyfluthrin (four chromatically resolved isomers), cypermethrin (four chromatically resolved isomers), permethrin (cis- and transisomers), piperonyl butoxide, dacthal, simazine, and trifluralin.