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a 12-note scale including all the semitones of the octave

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To these modes we add pentatonic, whole tone, octatonic, synthetic (unclassified), and chromatic scales. Our new progression looks like this:
The second theme is comprised of two mutually freely invertible parts and grows out from a five-tone section of the mode of the first theme and gradually goes through all 12 notes from the chromatic scale. The remaining three movements have a more neoclassical character: unlike the first movement, they are convincingly "European".
Most of the subjects had skin complexion grades between 18 and 23 according to von-Luschan's chromatic scale. There were also significantly lower serum vitamin D levels among subjects having relatively fair skin complexion (p=0.041) as shown in Table-II.
The chromatic scale is handled here in an interesting way.
The C-major contrary motion scale and the D contrary motion chromatic scale are also included.
Eventually he wrote 12 symphonies, one for each key in the chromatic scale. In 1992 he wrote a further symphony, In Memoriam John Fussell (his friend and director of the Swansea Festival).
The work on display in "You'll Never Thrill Me Because You'll Never Kill Me," the debut exhibition of Athier Mousawi, resides at both edges of the chromatic scale -- colorful acrylics and black-and-white screen prints.
The Arabic scales, which maqamat are built from, are not even-tempered, unlike the chromatic scale used in Westeern classical music.
Until the early 19th century brass instruments were limited in their role as musical instruments because they could not produce the full chromatic scale.
Smith writes, "Meridians and acupressure points cannot be said to exist or not exist any more than a chromatic scale exists in music, except in the musician's mind and soul."
the harmonies resulted from the juxtaposition of color tones in various associations, such as: two tones in the cold, warm or neutral chromatic scale; two tones in value, saturation and tonality contrast; three tones in a scale or in contrast; other combinations.
This allows the player more options for variations and the ability to play easily in more than one key, with a full chromatic scale available.
Everyone's color is different, and its position on the chromatic scale determines one's social rank (with Purples being the highest and those who can see no color at all--the despised Greys--at the bottom).
7.) Each of the two volumes of "The Well-Tempered Keyboard" contains a prelude and fugue in every major and minor key of the chromatic scale.