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New L'Oreal Paris Feria Color Booster's chromatic colour is exclusive to the group and protected by five patents.
5), in a way that we consider achromatic all the space colours which are within this paraboloid and chromatic colour those which are out of it.
Hydrophobic Acrylic single piece posterior chamber foldable intra ocular lens implants for Phacoemulsification cataract surgery (Ultra violet light absorbing filter with natural chromatic colour, 12.
Though some of the knives are not so disguised, they are embellished with studs in chromatic colours.
The forward-looking Color_gen show presents intense, mid-range colors for busy families, unusual, fashionable metallics for the sporty singletons, and a refined palette of chromatic colours such as grey, black, silver, and effect white for "double income--no kids" couples.