chromatic aberration

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an optical aberration in which the image has colored fringes

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The distortions this effect creates is known as chromatic aberrations and it was only corrected by stacking conventional lenses to balance out the speeds.
Chromatic aberration is precision-corrected over a wide wavelength range from visible to ultraviolet.
Stellar images display a small amount of coma and astigmatism in the frame's corners and some minor lateral chromatic aberration as well, but not as much as many wide-angle zoom lenses display when used at full aperture.
Chromatic Aberration subverts the fledgling attempts to standardize color exemplified by the test footage it appropriates, using the distortions and magnifications of rephotography to loosen color's confinement by representational forms.
Chick eyes compensate for chromatic simulations of hyperopic and myopic defocus: evidence that the eye uses longitudinal chromatic aberration to guide eye-growth.
The authors took pains to emphasise that the principal witnesses, cartographers James Greenacre & Edward Barr, had spent hundreds of hours at the eyepiece mapping lunar features, and argued that it is 'highly unlikely' that such experienced observers 'would have misinterpreted atmospheric spectral dispersion or chromatic aberration,' the explanation favored by TLP skeptics like this writer.
The VarioA[degrees]Sonnar T* lens is built by none other than Carl Zeiss and the T* coatA[degrees] ing on the lens surfaces cuts reflections and the 'flare' effect, while Super ED and ED glass elements minimise chromatic aberration for sharp, highA[degrees]contrast images.
The UC source improves imaging resolution at low accelerating voltages by decreasing the energy spread among beam electrons, which reduces chromatic aberration and permits the beam to be focused into a smaller spot on the sample surface.
In the past, one of the problems with low cost anamorphic lens solutions was color “fringing” that increased toward the edges of the picture and diminished image sharpness, known as lateral chromatic aberration.
Photographers can now process their RAW files and correct artefacts such as peripheral illumination, distortion and chromatic aberration.
Chromatic Aberration: The two types of chromatic aberration are axial chromatic aberration, where the focal point position on the optical axis varies according to the wavelength, and chromatic difference or magnification, where the image magnification in peripheral areas varies according to the wavelength.
They also achieve a higher level of image quality through the incorporation of two fluorite optical lens elements which help to reduce chromatic aberration and eliminate colour blurring around the edges of the subject.
The effect first noted in 1885 (6) was also explained in the original study by Einthoven, by the slight interocular differences in transverse chromatic aberration.
Berlin, January 20 (ANI): Scientists have designed an all-reflective zoom objective with deformable mirrors for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which would enable the aircrafts to operate free of chromatic aberration.
Parameters for characteristics such as diffraction efficiency, signal-to-noise ratio and chromatic aberration are defined for labels, hot-stamping foils, un-coated and coated films and holographic papers, for some materials allowing level A and level B grading.