chromatic aberration

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an optical aberration in which the image has colored fringes

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The metalenses designed here may find applications where a wideband response and low side lobes are needed due to the reduced chromatic aberrations of the focus.
Wagner, "The eye of the blue acara (Aequidens pulcher, Cichlidae) grows to compensate for defocus due to chromatic aberration," Journal of Comparative Physiology A, vol.
The complex design features 22 lens elements configured in 16 different groups, including one Super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) and two ED glass elements, all of which are working together to minimise chromatic aberration and ensure the ultimate resolution is captured.
The lens gives the standard fisheye perspective, and looking at the footage there are no signs of detail loss or chromatic aberration.
Its images are bright, contrasty and sharp from edge to edge, and the chromatic aberration (color fringing) that's the curse of cheap cameras is absent -- either because the iPhone lens is particularly good, or because it's processed out by the software.
Stellar images display a small amount of coma and astigmatism in the frame's corners and some minor lateral chromatic aberration as well, but not as much as many wide-angle zoom lenses display when used at full aperture.
The lens also features super UD and UD lens elements that, according to the TIPA jury, significantly reduce chromatic aberration, as well as Canon's SWC coating to reduce flare and ghosting.
In her newest film, Chromatic Aberration (2014)--commissioned by Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK--Aura Satz explores this nexus through research into film color technologies.
They hold ED (extra-low dispersion) glass to compensate for chromatic aberration, plus dielectric high-reflective multi-layer prism coatings for brighter images in all lighting conditions.
Newly developed WF series objectives with improved chromatic aberration correction ensures bright images without color fringes throughout the entire field of view.
Chromatic aberration correction methods should not only be capable of finding solutions for simple optical systems but also be able to support correction in complex systems.
According to Lorenzo [2] to design a low or moderate concentration system the chromatic aberrations are not very important but when designing high concentration PV systems the effect of chromatic aberration will be very important.
The chromatic aberration of the Lowell 24-inch [610mm] f/16 Clark refractor exceeds that of a 6-inch [152mm] f/5 achromat, so it is hardly surprising that a dense yellow Wratten 15 filter was employed whenever lunar mapping was conducted.
The sensor's unique colour filter array minimises moire and chromatic aberration without the need for an optical low pass filter, while dramatically boosting resolving power even at identical pixel counts to deliver sharp and texture-rich pictures.
The VarioA[degrees]Sonnar T* lens is built by none other than Carl Zeiss and the T* coatA[degrees] ing on the lens surfaces cuts reflections and the 'flare' effect, while Super ED and ED glass elements minimise chromatic aberration for sharp, highA[degrees]contrast images.