chromatic aberration

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an optical aberration in which the image has colored fringes

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Researchers, from the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS) in Germany, are currently working to make it possible to capture images free from chromatic aberration in a number of spectral ranges using a single system.
6E ED VR's optical formula features three ED elements to enhance sharpness and minimize chromatic aberration.
It also filters short wavelength light to reduce chromatic aberration and light scatter, thereby enhancing visual performance in terms of contrast discrimination and photostress recovery in both normal and AMD patients.
5) Also it has been suggested further that the reported appearances of some colour TLP could result from spectral dispersion in Earth's atmosphere, or telescopic optics' chromatic aberration.
dispersion (UD) lens elements, which are aimed at minimising chromatic aberration
5Eu magnification features all-glass elements made from high-refractive index glass and demonstrates low chromatic aberration and distortion.
By combining Graphin's GPirates capabilities with Imatest's IS Edition, images can now be directly read from the sensor and analyzed, instantly providing product engineers with the information they need to optimize sensor settings, including: sharpness, noise, blemish detection, dynamic range, color accuracy, distortion, uniformity, lateral chromatic aberration, and ISO sensitivity.
extra low dispersion fluorite glass, which enhances color resolution and contrast, and eliminates chromatic aberration and color-fringing.
It also has a high Abbe number and low chromatic aberration and bireftingence.
One "F" Low Dispersion (FLD) glass lens and four Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass lenses to ensure exceptional correction of lateral and axial chromatic aberration, the latter of which cannot be corrected in post production
The lens features four Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) elements and three aspheric elements to further combat instances of ghost, flare and chromatic aberration.
The P610 is also one of the smallest*4 cameras in the 60x or higher optical zoom class, and offers better basic performance and more advanced functions than ever before with a high-performance NIKKOR lens that utilizes a super ED lens element for superior chromatic aberration compensation.
at the "virtual elimination" of blurring, distortion, and chromatic aberration.
The optomap image is not true colour as it is made up by the reflection of red and green light; due to chromatic aberration, red light is reflected back from the anterior layers of the retina, while green light is reflected by the deeper layers of the retina and the choroid.
Suppression of chromatic aberration from tens of millimetres to 0.