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based on a scale consisting of 12 semitones

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being or having or characterized by hue

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The objective, then, is to minimize opacity through the selection of materials that when blended minimize the refractive differences within the final ASA to achieve chromatic colors while maintaining properties and weathering performance.
They add more challenge for the advancing guitarist to the slurs and chromatic octaves that were part of the original publication.
After nearly six months' forwarding, at present color coating same project color coating chromatic aberration management has been incorporated into normal workflow and has also been well received by users.
3D International's patent pending Chromatic Light Deflector optical element is a breakthrough in displaying 3D images and video that is livelier, brighter and more vivid than other competing technologies.
3 Exercises of compositional modeling by relating the groups of chromatic tonalities with the main elements of form and structure
And oscillations of chromatic states of this equation bend space-time.
Theorem 1 For any connected graph G, if the chromatic number [gamma](G) equal to the number of vertices.
The word chromatic refers to the range of colors possessing saturation greater than zero (excluding white, black, and gray) and to the twelve-tone tempered scale of Western music.
Blossom--soft chromatic hues for a "fresh, youthful appearance.
The seven are named after the days of the week and dress in hues spanning the chromatic scale: They're capable of transforming themselves into a rainbow and thereby traverse great expanses.
To meet the emerging metrology needs of the telecommunications industry, NIST scientists have significantly improved NISTs measurement capabilities for chromatic dispersion.
The longer that we gaze at it, the more we "see": not in understandable images but in pure experience of chromatic brightness.
ATI Technologies Inc has, as expected (CI No 3,515) agreed to acquire Chromatic Research Inc, the multimedia chip developer from Sunnyvale, California.
com/research/5bhw8s/highspeed_fiber_o) has announced the addition of the "High-speed Fiber Optics Communications and Chromatic Dispersion Compensation" report to their offering.
Though the author mentions several times that the same principal could be applied to a chromatic melody, he chooses not to include one as an example.