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prolific English writer of detective stories (1890-1976)

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SUPPORT "I have already spoken with Christy and have pledged my 100% support to him and I will do all I can to get him into Dail Eireann.
A statement said: "With Christy still battling to get his health back to 100%, we have decided it is in his interest to cancel all forthcoming gigs.
Christy Ventures is a group of diverse companies in the real estate, property management, finance, insurance, media-technologies, and education industries.
The team at Christy Dental Care offers compassionate emergency care.
Mary said: "Quite a few farms have two bulls in each field, maybe three, but we think Christy must have been caught in the morning and, when we switched the bulls over, she must have been caught again.
Christy, 30, from Glasgow, said: "I sympathise with girls who're dieting and feeling miserable, lethargic and fed–up because that's exactly what I was like.
In the early hours, she killed Christy, then drove to Peterlee police station where she stunned staff behind the counter by walking in with his body.
Teesside stationery firm worker Mrs Ruddell, 40, of Dene View, Castle Eden, said she had hallucinations and heard voices before strangling Christy.
Pendil and The Dikler, separated by a short head 12 months before, headed the market, but Captain Christy was travelling just as well when Pendil departed and looked set for a very easy win when cruising past The Dikler, only to blunder badly at the final fence and give the reigning champion another chance.
Determined to keep up with her school work, Christy studied hard, passed her exams, and left YO school at 16 to go straight to university to study psychology.
Steve Boyer, 28, and fiancee Christy Millar, 22, will now be able to fly to the Caribbean for the beach setting ceremony.
Notes'' is about a girl named Christy who finds mysterious notes that tell where, when and how a fellow student will be killed before it happens.
the parent company of Christy ghmb, Christy USA and Christy UK, is part of the company's overall strategic plan to become a powerhouse in Europe.
Christy Brown was born to a mother of 23 children who was married to a Dublin bricklayer.
NOBODY could ever accuse Christy Moore of being a celebrity.