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prolific English writer of detective stories (1890-1976)

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I suppose that is why they don't brush their boots and trousers, it's so precious," returned Christie drily.
An impatient sigh from Christie drew Jessie's attention to her troubled eyebrows.
It strikes me that he is sharing with them already," said Christie, glancing bitterly round the cabin; "sharing everything-- ourselves, our lives, our tastes.
The appearance of these relics of wild dissipation, however, had lifted Christie out of her sublime resignation.
To make sure, they each began to scrimmage; the broken-spirited Christie exhibiting both alacrity and penetration in searching obscure corners.
It's just as well you shouldn't," said Christie shortly, whose ideas of a general classical impropriety had been gathered from pages of Lempriere's dictionary.
I don't think much of her, whosoever she is," said Christie, tossing the intact packet back into the corner.
Nevertheless, by some feminine inconsistency, evidently the circumstance did make them think more of HIM, for a minute later, when they had reentered their own room, Christie remarked, "The idea of petting a man by his family name
Do you mean," said Christie, with glistening eyes and awful deliberation--"do you mean to say that we're expected to fall in with this insufferable familiarity?
They call me Miss Jessie; and Kearney, the little one, asked me if Christie played.
The young girls retired early to their white snow-drifts: Jessie not without some hilarious struggles with hers, in which she was, however, quickly surprised by the deep and refreshing sleep of youth; Christie to lie awake and listen to the night wind, that had changed from the first cool whispers of sunset to the sturdy breath of the mountain.
Christie darted back to the cabin, and softly reentered her room.
Not in the least," said Christie, with a strange little laugh.
Christie Velvet CorePlus LED received Best Module LED Wall Product, Christie Guardian was awarded Best New Technology, and Christies integration of SDVoE Technology with the Christie Boxer 3DLP projector scooped the Best ISE Gutsy/Kudos Award.