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becoming to or like a Christian

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She is "given to hospitality" (10) and thus eventually embodies a Christianly inspired principle by receiving Ousmane, who is a total stranger to her.
We consider it to be an essential work for any Christian mental health professional or pastor desiring to better understand the contemporary field of counseling and psychotherapy Christianly, as well as to discover how perhaps the greatest pastor-therapist of our day thinks about the Christian care of souls in the contemporary world.
To be honest, I wish I'd had access to this essay as an undergrad; it clarifies many philosophically complex issues, significantly recognizing that there is no single best way to think or work Christianly.
Therefore, the same rule prevails among all, that a Christian deal Christianly with his neighbor, and the stipulation is not for this reason condemned.
While the ideal was to act Christianly because it was the right thing to do, the practical reality, as some Protestant papers noted, was that violence would not change people's minds.
16) As a result, Christianly redeemed, paganly sacrificed, he has been able to die within a Heraclitean epiphany of completion and unison with the universe: "Apple trees hanging heavy with fruit but yet unaccountably blossoming, ice rimming the spring, okra plants blooming yellow and maroon.
Or--if "God" is not a name but a verb ("I Am") then we are adverbial: "Go christianly through the world
Christianly speaking, "secularity" refers to the ordering of various offices, activities, or objects to the needs of the present age (saeculum).
The book is not about economic theory but about the challenge of living Christianly in contexts of dire economic deprivation and destitution.
But now it may be and is by some obiected, that although he write Christianly in some places, yet in other some, he is too lascivious, as in mine hosts tale of Astolfo and some few places beside; alas if this be a fault, pardon him this one fault; though I doubt too many of you (gtle readers) wil be to exorable in this point, yea me thinks I see some of you searching already for these places of the booke, and you are halfe offended that I have not made some directions that you might finde out and read them immediately.
The largest Islamic nation in the world, 90% of the Indonesian population was Muslim; however, it has also had a significant presence of Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianly.
Rooted primarily in Reformed thought, this model emerged in the second half of the twentieth century as the way to think Christianly in the evangelical academy.
This Christianly justified forgive-and-forget approach that hushed up the sins of the perpetrators leads to moral paralysis, not spiritual humility, von Kellenbach insists.
However, Bell argued that they should be enjoined nevertheless: "It is therefore most prudently and right Christianly provided in the Canons of Anno.
While white is constructed as bright, active, Christianly and good, black signifies death, darkness and evil.