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becoming to or like a Christian

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We consider it to be an essential work for any Christian mental health professional or pastor desiring to better understand the contemporary field of counseling and psychotherapy Christianly, as well as to discover how perhaps the greatest pastor-therapist of our day thinks about the Christian care of souls in the contemporary world.
16) As a result, Christianly redeemed, paganly sacrificed, he has been able to die within a Heraclitean epiphany of completion and unison with the universe: "Apple trees hanging heavy with fruit but yet unaccountably blossoming, ice rimming the spring, okra plants blooming yellow and maroon.
Christianly speaking, "secularity" refers to the ordering of various offices, activities, or objects to the needs of the present age (saeculum).
Or--if "God" is not a name but a verb ("I Am") then we are adverbial: "Go christianly through the world
The book is not about economic theory but about the challenge of living Christianly in contexts of dire economic deprivation and destitution.
The largest Islamic nation in the world, 90% of the Indonesian population was Muslim; however, it has also had a significant presence of Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianly.
But evangelism is suspicious of the state, he notes, as it mandates Christians to perform service grounded in love through Christianly intercession.
It is, Christianly speaking, intolerable that over 20 per cent of the workforce of the Republic is persistently unemployed and that unemployment in some parts of Northern Ireland approaches that figure.
Christianly speaking, sex outside of marriage was naughty enough; unnatural sex within marriage, sex deflected from its reproductive end, was wickeder still--an obscene abuse of the marital sacrament.
The result is the squeezing of divine goodness and grace into Christianly controlled landscapes, be they psychologically, culturally, or spiritually construed.
In this article, we encourage educators to utilize a three-fold integration approach to foster the development of students' knowledge, skills, and values in counseling and psychology by teaching students to think Christianly, intervene competently, and advocate effectively.
I prefer to consider one as a poet who thinks christianly about his or her work and whose work opens new insights into this whole complicated business of life as a Christian.
It is the task of thinking Christianly about all areas of life (Henriksen & Trusty, 2005).
O merciful Lord and heavenly Father, by whose gracious gift mankind is increased; bestow, we beseech thee, upon these two persons the heritage and gift of children; and grant that they may see their children christianly and virtuously brought up to thy praise and honour, through Jesus Christ our Lord.