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giving a Christian name at baptism

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My mother lay in bed with the christening robe beside her, and I peeped in many times at the door and then went to the stair and sat on it and sobbed.
There was always something of the child in her, and her laugh was its voice, as eloquent of the past to me as was the christening robe to her.
Tess, who mused on the christening a good deal, wondered if it were doctrinally sufficient to secure a Christian burial for the child.
I wonder whether my christening will pass off more merrily than my wedding?
And she began telling him again of what interested her most--the christening of her grandson, for which she had been staying in Petersburg, and the special favor shown her elder son by the Tsar.
I mean to bring out my best brocade, that I wore at your christening twenty years ago," said Mrs.
Three priests came to that christening, and Madame Levaille was godmother.
Tis Robin Hood, the outlaw, who has been assisting you at this christening," said Will Scarlet glancing roguishly at the two opponents' dripping garments.
I require that his majesty should deign to be godfather to the child she has just borne; and that my lord, after having been present at the christening, should go to proffer his homage to our Holy Father the Pope.
She explained the huge differences between Jacob's and her six-year-old daughter Megan's christenings.
Oscar will be baptized in the same gown that his mother, sister Princess Estelle, aunt Princess Madeleine, uncle Prince Carl Philip and cousins Leonore and Nicolas wore at their christenings.
May, the popular month for christenings, is quickening on our heels.
As all our wedding guests got to hear the story of my dress, they absolutely loved it - not only because it had been my mum's wedding dress but because both my sister and I had worn it at our christenings.
pupils from Telford Junior School learned about christenings from church warden Charlotte Sanders and were able to re-enact their own christening service with Lillington Nursery children.
The women are a familiar sight at St John's Church in Golcar, the family's church and venue for the many marriages and christenings.