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giving a Christian name at baptism

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Though you have said nothing we cannot, of course, look on him as a little stranger, and so I am sending him the old Lashmar christening mug.
The countryman than began to tell his tale, and said he was going to take the goose to a christening.
The calmness which had possessed Tess since the christening remained with her in the infant's loss.
You see, I have so many things here," he resumed, holding up the lantern, "of so many kinds, and all as the neighbours think (but THEY know nothing), wasting away and going to rack and ruin, that that's why they have given me and my place a christening.
Bartholomew's Massacre, and they saw the slaughter that followed; later they saw the Reign of Terror, the carnage of the Revolution, the overthrow of a king, the coronation of two Napoleons, the christening of the young prince that lords it over a regiment of servants in the Tuileries to-day--and they may possibly continue to stand there until they see the Napoleon dynasty swept away and the banners of a great republic floating above its ruins.
So come, my merry men, we will prepare a christening feast for this fair infant.
I have heard that the first thing she expressed a wish to see was the christening robe, and she looked long at it and then turned her face to the wall.
The dog's own name is Jerry, for I was present at the christening before ever his eyes were open.
I wonder whether my christening will pass off more merrily than my wedding?
By my troth, young sir," he said, "you are as long in the face as the devil at a christening, and I cannot marvel at it, for I have sailed these waters since I was as high as this whinyard, and yet I never saw more sure promise of an evil night.
A birthday, a christening, a wedding or a victory would all be celebrated by pageants, and in these plays people of all classes took part.
There was a christening party at the largest coffin-maker's and a funeral hatchment had stopped some great improvements in the bravest mansion.
Humphrey Van Weyden, "the cold-blooded fish," the "emotionless monster," the "analytical demon," of Charley Furuseth's christening, in love
Jane came first, then George Sedley Osborne, then Maria Frances, and the days of the christening of each.
And she began telling him again of what interested her most--the christening of her grandson, for which she had been staying in Petersburg, and the special favor shown her elder son by the Tsar.