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a consecrated ointment consisting of a mixture of oil and balsam

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Benedict XVI, Jesus of Nazareth, 90; Homilyfor the Chrism Mass (April 9, 2009).
Bernard Dupuy speculated that the later restriction of the consecration of the chrism to the patriarch is connected with its use in the reconciliation of schismatics and heretics.
The Chrism mass kicked off four days of symbolic ceremonies which commemorate Jesus Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.
Her inclusion on a wing of the Braque Family Triptych (1450: Louvre, Paris) recognizes her significance as the anointer (Sacraments of Chrism and Unction) and as the first witness of the Resurrection for here she is the "partner" to John the Baptist who symbolized the Sacrament of Baptism and who was the first witness of Jesus as the Christ.
He will also preside at tonight's Mass at the city's Metropolitan cathedral to mark the retirement of the Pope, as well as the annual Mass of Chrism during holy week on March 27.
Nach den Quellen herausgegeben von Chrism Landon, revidiert von Ulrich Leisinger.
The online promotion featured webisodes showing beauty secrets from swimsuit model Chrism.
Just as the washing with water is the sign of the remission of sin by the invocation of the Spirit, so in the anointing and signing of the cross with the oil of chrism the church believes and witnesses to the self-gift of the Spirit in, with, and to the baptizand for the Christian life.
the character either of rites of purification or of a paradoxical desecration, intended to cut down on uncleanness by placing profane things, like chrism, back in the profane world where they belonged" (59).
This blessing would have consisted of the bells being blessed in holy water, anointed with the oil of chrism within the bell and the oil of the infirm on its outer surface.
We test everything, from homemade bombs to military rockets," says chemist Chrism Hockensmith.
Young and Chrism Bishop with Alfred University, Amanda Lienau Purnell with the VA Medical Center, St.
The issue of abuse was addressed by the Archbishop of Birmingham, the Most Rev Bernard Longley at the Chrism Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral and Basilica of St Chad last week.
After the declarations and oaths, Bishop Tony read the license, blessed the new ministry and anointed the new ministers with chrism oil.