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a thick soup or stew made with milk and bacon and onions and potatoes

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On the whole it's a traditional New England seafood chowder.
Loser of bet will serve winner's award-winning clam chowder at its restaurant for one full day
MARIE Neeson, of The Baker Street Kitchen, Middlesbrough, has sent a recipe for Sue's Sweetcorn Chowder.
If you're heading to the coast, check out Pacific Northwest professional chefs in the Chowder Cook-Off on Saturday and Sunday at the Tanger Outlets in Lincoln City.
The dunk tank was one of several booths at the annual Rutland Fire Brigade Central Tree Chowder Challenge last weekend.
From April 11 to 13 the entire town becomes an open-air street market and hosts the 'Taste the Wild Atlantic Way' Street Food Fest and the All Ireland Chowder Cook-Off.
But I'll be the first to admit that the chowder at Tony's in Cedar Key is number one.
The natural soup line includes Vegetable Lentil and Roasted Red Pepper Soup, Poblano Pepper and Corn Chowder, Rosemary Potato Chowder, Thai Sweet Potato Soup, and Roasted Garlic Mushroom Lentil Soup--and retails for $2.
Livingston (materials science and engineering, MIT), a research physicist and distant cousin of the woman, relates the story of the 1896 murder trial of Mary Alice Livingston, who was accused of murdering her mother, Evelina Bliss, using arsenic-laced clam chowder.
For his first dish of the day Dave has chosen a classic American Blue Swimming Crab, Clam and Sweetcorn Chowder.
Skylark's Hidden Cafe in Fairhaven was awarded the "People's Choice" first place with their "House Chowder" at the annual Chuckanut Chowder Cook-Off during Dirty Dan Days in Fairhaven on April 26.
But there's more to the definition of chowder than this cream -versus -tomato rivalry suggests.
Chowder is a lovable dog who tries to fit in and be like the other dogs at the Fabu Pooch Boot Camp.
This was partly because they had sold quite a lot of tickets, also because the caterers had prepared a thousand gallons of clam chowder, which they did not think would keep.