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chopped pickles in mustard sauce

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a Chinese preserve of mixed fruits and ginger

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I love that Chowchows can look as cute and cuddly as a stuffed bear, and still be as regal and daunting as a mountain lion
Their jams, jellies, preserves, marmalade, pickles and chowchow are sold under the name RayAnnVentures.
Those people driving from up North to Florida and back again don't know from chowchow.
Hablaba como en japones y jugaba con un perro ChowChow condenadamente estupido.
Pedruri chowchow k[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]nasi azi awkwa ni neki Pedru-ri chowchow k[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]nas-i azi aw-kwa ni neki Pedro-TOP temor ponerse-MIENTRAS como AUX-OBL CIERTO CONTR a'zanu' gwun nare' pariri chowchow a'zan-u' gwun nar-e' pari-ri chowchow pensar-NEG ?
The best feature of this collection is the wide variety of recipes that come as a revelation to those not raised in the South, ranging from Candied Bacon (served with breakfast or brunch) to Chowchow, a relish typically eaten with cabbage that you'd be hard-pressed to find served north of the Mason-Dixon Line.
Me no likee English junkee, English chowchow too no nice.
But West Indian cooks specialize in spicy recipes like jerk chicken, pepper condiments like chowchow, and intriguing delicacies like rum cake and crema, a drink made with tropical fruits, cream, and rum.
I remember Gabby, our fluffy 11yearold chowchow, who had a history of hot spots that caused lesions.
Ing[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]ri chowchow k [activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]nak[activar tachado] u[desactivar tachado]mpana keyw[activar tachado]u [desactivar tachado] ing[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]-ri chowchow k [activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]nak-[activar tachado] u[desactivar tachado]m-pana keyw[activar tachado]u [desactivar tachado] poco-top temor ponerse-DUR-INCO pronto uye' pariri, w[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado] [activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]nzoyana.