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chop suey served with fried noodles

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One sample of special chow mein contained an enormous 20.
We were both pleased with our choices although Adam said he had tasted better chow mein.
George Moss, aged 55, sat down to a Saturday evening meal of king prawn chow mein with his family but half an hour later started to have difficulty breathing and was rushed to hospital.
That could see favourites such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Chow Mein or Guacamole being served up on the eisteddfod field along with lesserknown dishes from countries such as Lithuania, Nigeria and Kurdistan.
Sprinkle the chow mein noodles on top before serving.
Don't open those handy packets of Croutons or Chow Mein Noodles and save about 50 calories each.
The fruppies have inspired kosher frozen food manufacturers to offer such exotic frozen kosher dinners as Cajun style chicken, tacos and burritos, egg rolls and chow mein, and Greek borekas.
Other unique sandwich suggestions include Pav Bhaji, Carnitas Sandwiches, Ethiopian Wraps, and Chow Mein Sandwiches.
From basic Lasagna and Gingersnaps to Cheeseburger Pie, Chow Mein Noodle Casserole and more, this teaches how to cook from both scratch and convenience canned goods and is a top recommendation for any basic cook's collection.
Choose a noodle-based dish such as Chow Mein - the mushroom version has a very low ProPoints value of six while Special Chow Mein has a ProPoints value of nine.
A key component of the re-launch will see Blue Dragon enter the Cooking Sauce category with the launch of six popular and authentic Cooking Sauce flavours Chow Mein, Sweet Chilli, Sweet & Sour, Chinese Curry, Thai Green and Thai Red including the market's first ever Chow Mein & Chinese Curry Cooking Sauce variant.
Clooney, 49, and Canalis, 32, are said to have started their meal with egg rolls and lettuce cups, followed by fried rice, chow mein, chardonnay shrimp and orange chicken and sake.
Available in chicken with tomato & herb sauce, beef with BBQ sauce, chow mein with Chinese sauce, and curry with mango sauce (rsp: 69p per 105g pack), the range is free of artificial colours and preservatives.
Pete and I decided not to be greedy, and simply went for three starters, two mains, a fried rice and chow mein noodles.