chow line

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a queue of people waiting for food to be served (especially at a military camp)

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Other crew members noted the larger implications of a more efficient chow line. "There is a direct correlation between how easily you can receive food on the mess deck and the overall morale on the ship," said IT2 Matthew Woodward.
They caused delays in the chow line. As a result, some of the military police Soldiers complained and I assigned NCOs [noncommissioned officers] to the chow line, with instructions to move the chow line without interruptions.
Joining the chow line, President Bush picked up some pancakes, syrup and bacon, then sat down to breakfast with the sailors.
He stopped to get in the chow line and left the connected hose lying on the deck.
"It Is Called a Chow Line": I see them every morning / waiting for breakfast / in a line along a building / wrapping around the city block.
The decisions made by Betty on behalf of the bank were generally limited to the size of the scoop of mashed potatoes she dispensed in the chow line every day.
Hunters do well to find the feed and follow the chow line.
To assess the effect on our combat strength, I instituted a diarrhea checkpoint in the chow line. Army medics asked every soldier in his or her own language, while the soldier waited to enter the food service line, if he or she had symptoms of diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
There were lots of discussions in the chow line, It was good to hear the unusual voice of Dr.
During my stint in the Marines I was once made to serve beets in the chow line. I don't think the other guys liked beets any more than I did because I wasn't getting many takers.
Some of the obvious include getting in the chow line for a delicious meal, doing laundry, or perhaps enjoying some quiet time reading a book or listening to music.