chow line

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a queue of people waiting for food to be served (especially at a military camp)

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Other crew members noted the larger implications of a more efficient chow line.
The decisions made by Betty on behalf of the bank were generally limited to the size of the scoop of mashed potatoes she dispensed in the chow line every day.
Hunters do well to find the feed and follow the chow line.
To assess the effect on our combat strength, I instituted a diarrhea checkpoint in the chow line.
You mean more to us than being able to go through the chow line twice.
There were lots of discussions in the chow line, It was good to hear the unusual voice of Dr.
Some of the obvious include getting in the chow line for a delicious meal, doing laundry, or perhaps enjoying some quiet time reading a book or listening to music.
Getting to make a few new native friends and seeing the smiles in the chow line help to break the ice.
Study the faces of people filing into a charity banquet and they look about as happy as the chow line at Folsom.
I can remember standing in a chow line at Fort Ord, California, in the mid-1950s and being hawked four San Francisco dailies--the Chronicle, Examiner, Call Bulletin and the News.
If Norman Schwarzkopf and his aide-de-camp Sam Nunn claim that heterosexuals aren't safe in the showers from gays, think about meat-eating warriors in the chow line with a vegetarian.