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defeat someone through trickery or deceit

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Moreover, Gurung and Chouse (2007) found that female athletes who were photographed wearing revealing clothing were deemed less intelligent and capable than those photographed in looser clothing.
Si tant vous aimez le son doux, N'estes-vous pas bien de grands fous De dire "chouse," au lieu de "chose"?
We think that their father's recommend for them that don't chouse from poor rain.
Therefore it were a good deede in this varietie, to shewe howe a manne shoulde chouse oute the beste." (62) It was Messer Federico, not unaware of the dynamics of change and its effects, who answered him, observing how "the bringing up of these new facions maketh the first to appeere very grosse." (63) However, Federico's consideration went further when he maintained: "Since (as you saye) this custome is so variable, and Italians are so desirous to take up other mennes facions, I beleave every manne maye lawfullye apparaile himselfe at his pleasure." (64)