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a European corvine bird of small or medium size with red legs and glossy black plumage

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The chough is considered to be a bird of conservation concern in Wales.
An independent long - term study of chough by the Cross & Stratford Welsh Chough Project has documented long-term declines at inland breeding and feeding sites.
Weekly lets of Chough Cottage start from pounds 340, rising to pounds 670 in high season.
The Cornwall Chough Project, a partnership between the RSPB, Natural England and The National Trust, works to protect the wild chough population and the birds are under round-the-clock watch by RSPB staff and volunteers from local charities and bird watching groups.
Plans for a green World Trade Center Memorial are in the works, according to Memorial Foundation senior planner Suany Chough.
David Smeeton, Edward Jones, Lance Turner, Paul Jones, Jessica Riando, Richard Howell, Andrew Venables, Justin Marshall' David Allen, Nick Ford, Dick Hickton, Richard Smith, Andrea Hopkins, with Lou and Chough, the labradors' Ben Jowett, Will Ventham, Ian Cornock, Stuart Dawson, Annette Smith, Tim Hard
Data about when and where the eggs of golden eagles, marsh harriers, osprey and chough were stolen was also seized.
AMEX:AFT), a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality, CDMA-based fixed wireless voice and data solutions, hybrid terminals and engineering services to operators worldwide, announced today the resignation of CFO John Chough, who is leaving the Company for family reasons.
RSPB South Stack's latest successful chough couple, Mr and Mrs Blue-Blue, have fledged a pair of chicks at their first attempt.
Ffridd is an important home to wildlife like the Welsh clearwing moth, birds such as yellowhammer and chough, rare plants such as the lesser butterfly orchid, and important groups of grassland fungi and lichens.
Sand Martin, Golden Plover, Blk Guillemot, Chough, Crossbill, Peregrine @A470training: Just had great news, Tess has been found in Mid Wales (no news of pup yet) THANK YOU for all your help searching for the #trawsfynyddtwo xxx @DavidRPhotos: Just had great news, Tess has been found in Mid Wales (no news of pup yet) THANK YOU for all your help searching for the #trawsfynyddtwo xxx @WayneRooney: I want to apologise to Jamie Thomas, I have arranged for a letter and a signed shirt to be sent to his home address @jameslynden: Other side of office.
The Cornish Chough Project said the latest pair represent a "significant chapter" in the natural re-colonisation of the bird.
But, during the past few years, the Lizard has become a Mecca for birdwatchers, after the glossy black Cornish chough, identifiable by its bright-red beak and legs and characteristic aerobatic flight, returned to here after a 50-year absence from England.
But on Tuesday Simon revealed mammy chough had been killed by a peregrine falcon.
The specimens seized included three hen harriers and a chough.