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any people believing themselves to be chosen by God

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For every Lincoln, who urged America to live up to its divine designation, there was a Reagan, who emptily boasted of its might, and for every Maimonideswho argued that the Jews were not the chosen people but the choosing people, the people who elected to accept God and his lawsthere were handfuls of militant, messianic zealots who considered the covenant a license to kill.
The Israelites are who they are because they are God's chosen people; and they are blessed and become a blessing to others in and through that fundamental name.
In particular, John Paul emphasized the continuing relevance of "the law which God gave to the Chosen People, beginning with the commandments on Sinai." He counselled that the fundamental negative commandments of the Bible such as "you shall not steal," "you shall not kill" and "you shall not commit adultery" are not antiquated precepts, but universal moral rules that "oblige each and every individual, always and in every circumstance."
The prophets were ridiculed and persecuted for having the temerity to issue oracles against God's chosen people, and a number of them were arrested and beaten for their troubles.
The vast majority of the references are positive, underlining the fact that God's covenant with the Jewish people will be fulfilled, that Jesus was a Jew sent first of all to save God's chosen people and that his disciples were Jews, the document said.
This was Eliza Mowry Bliven's goal--the goal for which she worked a lifetime, a goal as yet unachieved--to "build the enduring foundations of cooperative morality and justice; not for one chosen people, but for all humanity."
Jews, Isaiah is suggesting, would have to wait until the end of time for the world at large to abandon its hatred of God's Chosen People. What, we may be excused for wondering, might we do in the meantime?
Drawing from history, religion, philosophy, and social science, Garfinkle (editor, The American Interest) offers insights into anti-Semitic, philo- Semitic, Jewish chauvinist, and self-hating versions of 'Jewcentricity.' From the chosen people concept to the U.S.
In the centuries preceding His birth, Jesus was anxiously awaited by the Chosen People. The Old Testament is an impressive document of the hope of salvation and liberation by Yahweh.
What about Jews looking upon themselves as the chosen people?
A group of refugees from Europe's religious wars wished to see themselves as God's chosen people. In a turbulent world and fearful of death, they sought to establish their distinctiveness from the native Americans upon whom they in fact depended for many things.
There is but one thing to do: summon the entire community to fasting and prayer so that Yahweh's mercy may be poured out upon the chosen people. This is done not only for the relief of Judah but also for proof to the nations who would deride Israel for her faith.
Following promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, God crafted laws which He gave to his chosen people via Moses.
Then James continues, "For Herod and Caiaphas and all the rabbis and Levites, that they may serve God's chosen people with compassion, let us pray to the Lord." And maybe ending with, "And for the success of the temple fundraising dinner and silent auction, let us pray to the Lord....
Across the country, they have won numerous campaigns to censor comprehensive sex and health education from the curricula; the "dangerous" influence of Darwin is to be countered with creation science; history must teach the lesson that Americans are God's chosen people; and the struggle is on to subvert the Supreme Court decision against prayer in public schools.