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Synonyms for chosen

singled out in preference

one that is selected

Synonyms for chosen

one who is the object of choice

an exclusive group of people


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People do not receive goods or services unless they have actively chosen them.
Suppose, for example, that Jones believes that he is not likely to make a good choice about his retirement plan, and that he would therefore prefer a default rule, chosen by someone who is a specialist in the subject at hand.
He is shown what life would be like had he chosen differently, and he learns the meaning of giving himself away in love.
That run should continue Saturday when three more quarterbacks - USC's Matt Leinart, Texas' Vince Young and Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler - are sure to be chosen in the first round, possibly within the first 10 picks.
Dual eligibles will have a plan randomly chosen for them to make sure that they have Part D in place on time and their treatment is not interrupted.
Applicants whose abstracts are chosen for presentation will receive an ACPE scholarship of $200 to be applied toward the Spring Institute/Annual Meeting tuition.
In December, the chosen electors meet in each state to cast that state's official electoral votes for President and Vice President.
Though the chosen pioneers were diverse, there were a few similar themes.
If she chooses not to become pregnant we will ensure that contraception is available to her if She chooses to have an abortion it will be safe, dignified, and legal; and if she chooses to have a child, society will provide those condition necessary to support the life she has chosen to bring into the world.
As a result of this random genetic inheritance, he suggests, we have greater scope for freedom than if our genes had been chosen for us.
These are limits to our freedom only in relationship to our freely chosen projects.
Officers have chosen a career in law enforcement, rather than having someone force them to join the profession.
Bush had chosen to sign the historic law at Hamilton became he called the district a model of success for districts nationwide.