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a woman who dances in a chorus line

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SHE was just an anonymous chorus girl in an obscure musical at a provincial theatre.
Two of her girls became chorus girls, and two of the brothers were wrestlers.
I was always shorter than all the other chorus girls so I tried to make people laugh to get their attention.
However, when she's convinced to Go Into Your Dance during a lunch with three of the chorus girls, she shows just what she can do ( and all in front of Mr Marsh himself.
Dancers as strippers, dancers as prostitutes, dancers as chorus girls, dancers as mistresses of the Tsars--the titillating aspects of the form have long been associated with women and have been viewed with suspicion and sometimes scorn by practitioners of high art dance.
Married in 1933, the couple moved to Manhattan to open "Nudie's for the Ladies," which specialized in costumes for burlesque queens and chorus girls.
And chorus girls sang: "Duchess, so charming, does she share your passion for organic farming?
Providing an inspiration for active retirement, the ex-Harlem Renaissance chorus girls profiled in docu "Been Rich All My Life" are still shaking booty while most of their contemporaries can only shuffle their walkers.
An appeal is made to a famous impressario in New York to help save the theatre and a troop of beautiful chorus girls follow - the like of which the town has never seen before
The opera will feature naked chorus girls to reflect the moral degradation and sexual excess of the Mantuan Ducal court.
The Ukrainian National Opera of Odessa are appearing at the Royal Albert Hall for one night only to perform Verdi's Rigoletto, and they are bringing naked chorus girls with them.
By 1925 Smith was at the height of her success, performing with her traveling show, supporting a husband, and having flings with her chorus girls when she wasn't chasing away Ku Klux Klansmen from vaudeville theaters by saying, "You just pick up them sheets and run.
Take away the chorus girls and his Brazilian accent and there's nothing left.
Shuffle Off to Buffalo set on a train full of leggy chorus girls, We're In the Money danced on a large coin and Paul Nicholas at a train station coaxing his chorus girl to star by singing Lullaby of Broadway.
Coles (far left) and the other Silver Belles, a glamorous troupe of octogenarian tap dancers and former chorus girls, were on hand for opening night of the 2006 Dance on Camera series.