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a woman who dances in a chorus line

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For those who don't know the film, the heart of this show is a love story as movie star Don Lockwood falls for a chorus girl, Kathy Selden.
In 1951 his name, Andy Warhol, began appearing next to line drawings of odd little figures-from a kickline of chorus girls, to ballerinas at the barre, to a pair of long, sexy legs.
The movie's action revolves around a Harlem-quality nightclub called Church, which is stocked to the rafters with world-class chorus girls, a clientele with even better dancing chops, the finest moonshine available and any other vice one would wish to indulge.
The climax of the musical is a Busby Berkely style routine which features sinister men in dark suits and bowler hats, accompanied by chorus girls sporting Orange collarettes.
Racing was part of his extravagant lifestyle, which also featured many mistresses, most of them chorus girls.
A member of the Bertie cast who appeared with Victoria back in 1993 said: "It gives hope to all other chorus girls - if you can get in the right pop group and fall in love with the right man anything can happen.
The chorus girls were almost drowned as the stage flooded.
I used to sing in a group of little chorus girls at pantomimes but now I have moved on to main parts.
Two of her girls became chorus girls, and two of the brothers were wrestlers.
Take away the chorus girls and his Brazilian accent and there's nothing left.
Smith--already struggling to keep her own thing for chorus girls secret from her husband--had to come down and bail her out.
A spokesman said: "It is pure Christmas magic and a truly heart-warming experience, with beautiful costumes and with the highest kicking chorus girls this side of Lapland.
I was always shorter than all the other chorus girls so I tried to make people laugh to get their attention.
However, when she's convinced to Go Into Your Dance during a lunch with three of the chorus girls, she shows just what she can do ( and all in front of Mr Marsh himself.
Elegant senior, athletic junior and enthusiastic younger dancers plus the tuneful chorus girls showed how much fun Aladdin promises to be.