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a woman who dances in a chorus line

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Stanwyck would have loved to convey the intelligent, tough-minded persona that lay behind the chorus girl image.
The chorus girl was, first and foremost, a figure of access to and an occasion for raising questions about popular culture, and the chorus girl novel is as often as not an allegory of cultural discernment, reflecting a desire on the part of American audiences not just to be amused by entertainment but also to be sophisticated and knowing in regard to it.
Rusty Parker, played by Rita Hayworth, happens to be the lady's granddaughter, a chorus girl at a Brooklyn nightclub who is hoping to become a Broadway star.
i remember ruby keeler in "42nd street" so dark/so darin in her tap solos/ movin from chorus girl to star/precedent set.
Set on Broadway in 1933 during the Depression, the award-winning musical is about a chorus girl who becomes a leading lady.
The unwritten part of the chorus girl job description goes as follows: look the other way while management threatens to fire a 7-months-pregnant employee for not tucking in her untuckable shirt (you can now find her at Gounuet Garage); feign indifference when you get frisked on your way out the door for leftover baguettes that go in the dump moments after workers swipe out; embrace a brand of corporate downsizing that lays off pittance-an-hour workers while taking on more high-end "consultants," each of whom has his own definite and invaluable opinion about where the new cracker displays should be set up.
She also posed as, among many others, a patent medicine merchant (to bribe a powerful lobbyist), a charity hospital patient, a chorus girl and even a female job applicant at newspapers (where she was routinely patronized).
<IR> BRONSON HOWARD </IR> persuaded Mizner to collaborate with him on an original play, The Only Law (1909), about a broker who kept a chorus girl, who in turn kept a gigolo.
He's so famous, chorus girl Peppy Miller gets her big break just by being pictured bumping into him at a premiere.
For those who don't know the film, the heart of this show is a love story as movie star Don Lockwood falls for a chorus girl, Kathy Selden.
On finding the beautiful yet snooty Kathy Selden, a chorus girl prone to jumping out of cakes with the voice of an angel, Lockwood tries to convince her to dub in for his co-star diva.
The opener focuses on Una Stubbs, 76, whose career began nearly 60 years ago as a chorus girl, before she starred in films including Summer Holiday and television shows such as Till Death Do Us Part.
A FORMER West End chorus girl has won a prestigious literary prize for her first novel.
FOR more than 40 years platoons of police had tried to solve what the Echo had called "the mystery of the missing chorus girl".
Chorus girl: KT Tunstall; CRAIG DAVID If You Let Me Stay; SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR Yes Sir, I Can Boogie; KELLY OSBOURNE Total Eclipse Of The Heart; KT TUNSTALL You're The Voice; THE DIAMOND HOO HAA MEN (SUPERGRASS) Beat It; THE MAGIC NUMBERS Islands In The Stream; THE FEELING Video Killed The Radio Star