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a map that uses graded differences in shading or color or the placing of symbols inside defined areas on the map in order to indicate the average values of some property or quantity in those areas

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The choropleth maps for three time periods (19851993; 1994-2003; 2004- 2012) demonstrated consistent patterns: a reduction in overall CRC incidence over time in Manitoba but increasing rates in the northern part of the province and a very few SGAs with the highest CRC incidence (data not shown).
We can look at how the more prominent role of Europe and high-income countries compares with the rest of the world in more detail in the choropleth maps shown in figures 2-4.
The choropleth maps in figures 5-7 show the residuals from the second model specifications and investigate whether regions and specific countries seem to under- or overperform relative to the model expectations.
The design and production of choropleth maps are relatively streamlined because of well-established data-symbolization techniques.
Thus, tactile fill symbols for choropleth maps may need to be created with maximum differences among them and with nonlinear steps between the number of dots included to make up each fill pattern.
The analytical results were also visualized through isolines/density buffers and choropleth maps using GIS.
The LISA cluster maps of age-adjusted mortality rates for all causes at the beginning and end of the study period recapitulate the pattern observed in the choropleth maps, but reduce the complexity so that statistically significant clusters can be more easily distinguished.
The choropleth maps of rates and Local Indicators of Spatial Autocorrelation by period show a similar pattern to that of total mortality for all causes, except that mortality rates continue to diminish throughout the study time period (see Figure 3).
2a software (ESRI, Redlands, CA) to create dot density and choropleth maps.
Choropleth maps best demonstrate the changing prevalence of HIV among recruits from each district.
This is clearly the case with the rent choropleth maps, in which the lightly populated southeast quadrant of the maps shows very large districts that attract the eye; however, these areas have very few apartments and low levels of economic activity.
The creation of choropleth maps, the dominant cartographic form in these atlases, raises several methodological questions.
Choropleth maps which use colour differences to represent numerical quantity pertaining to areas, were created to display district-wise, sex- disaggregated, percentages of both indices by using ArcGIS 10.
These relationships connected numerical data to the polygons (village) as a source data for the choropleth maps and the bar diagrams.
The majority of maps used by retail organization show data depicted flora an abstract 2D plan view, such as a choropleth map that is viewed flora directly overhead and represents data values through colour or shading.