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a map that uses graded differences in shading or color or the placing of symbols inside defined areas on the map in order to indicate the average values of some property or quantity in those areas

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If the index shown on a choropleth map has a composite nature and has been calculated on the basis of a set of subindices, the polylines from parallel coordinates may enable the users to get an insight into these subindices, and as demonstrated earlier, it can be straightforward.
We applied the same assumptions in our study to the design of class symbology on a tactile choropleth map.
On a choropleth map, those districts are larger and therefore attract more visual attention than is warranted by their limited population.
Choropleth maps best demonstrate the changing prevalence of HIV among recruits from each district.
For the map outputs, two cartographical methods were used--diagram map and choropleth map.
An isarithmic or choropleth map can be used to map such data sets.
In all three conditions participants saw a two-second dynamic choropleth map sequence consisting of an origin state and a destination state; however, the transition between scenes varied across conditions.
This work has the initial goal of comparing color highlighting to leader lines in two view combinations; choropleth map linked to a scatterplot, and choropleth map linked to a parallel coordinate plot (PCP).
We also recognize that the reliability of estimates may affect the robustness of choropleth map classifications, i.
To facilitate the interpretation of these potentially complex color and trend variations, bicomponent trend maps employ a "bicomponent trend matrix," which extends a standard bivariate choropleth map legend by placing a time-series graph in each color cell of the legend to indicate how colors correspond to different trend types.
An expression of the magnitude of change is often presented through a choropleth map that shows the percent of increase or decrease in population.
The choropleth map is the timeless convention of representing population density from census counts.
However, in order to achieve visual and analytical comparability with population-based indicators, the temperature data from the thermal image was also aggregated to administrative boundaries (census tracts) and displayed as a choropleth map (Figure 2b).
Although the alternative problem is the traditional type of areal interpolation problem, three additional scenarios require the use of areal interpolation methods--including the overlay of a choropleth map and an area class map, the overlay of two choropleth maps, and the missing data problem in which values are known for some zones at a given scale but not for other zones (Mrozinski and Cromley 1999).
a change from a choropleth map to a graduated circle map that should be reflected in all maps in a matrix) should be included.