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a highly vascular membrane in the eye between the retina and the sclera

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We successfully treated hydrocephalus in our patient with WWS by ETV with choroid plexus cauterization (CPC).
The secondary lesions usually involve the uveal tract, mainly the choroid. A recent study of a large series of choroidal lymphomas showed that 31% of the patients with choroidal lymphoid lesions had known systemic lymphoma at initial presentation or were diagnosed with systemic lymphoma shortly after the initial presentation [7].
Malvern, PA) at an angle of 20[degrees] toward the choroid. The injector's pin [26] was extended and inserted into the scleral tunnel to extend it, and 0.3 milliliters of cell suspension solution was injected.
Multiple measures were obtained for the foveal retinal and subfoveal choroid thicknesses.
The study also shows that signals secreted by the choroid plexus dynamically change during aging which affects aged stem cell behavior.
An interesting feature during this study was the constant immunolabelling of SVA within epithelial cells ol the choroid plexus of the brain and the surrounding endothelia of blood vessels in piglets with neurologic disease On the basis of the IHC results and molecular findings h different tissues of the brain, we theorized that the neurologic manifestations of SVA observed during this investigation might be due to early infection of the choroid plexus through alteration of the integrity of the vascular epithelium and subsequent dissemination to the adjacem neuropil.
Coloring of this part depends on degree of pigmentation in the choroid and also in Retinal pigment epithelium (RPE).
Intravitreal injections and implants deliver drugs effectively to the retina and the choroid. For example, intravitreal injections of therapeutics are routinely used in the treatment of wet AMD (Lucentis, Macugen, Vitravene), macular inflammation (Triesence), etc.
The map catalogs more than 4,000 proteins in each of three areas of the choroid.
Researchers from University of Iowa developed a most detailed map to date of the abundance of thousands of proteins in the choroid, a region of the human eye long associated with blinding diseases.
The disorder, caused mainly by a mutation in the CHM gene on the X chromosome, leads to cellular degeneration in the retina and choroid.
The new cell lines show the potential to become cartilage and bone as well as brain-associated cells such as membranes surrounding the brain called meninges and choroid plexus (the structure in the brain that creates cerebrospinal fluid).
It is a benign ocular tumour of unknown aetiology characterised by the presence of cancellous bone within the choroid. It typically presents as a unilateral lesion in 75% of cases and commonly in healthy females in their 2nd or 3rd decades of life.