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a spicy Spanish pork sausage

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Like most Mexican chorizos, this green chorizo is a fresh sausage that's meant to be cooked before eating.
Chorizo sausage can be many things, but I did not realise that one of them was green.
De esta forma, durante el oreo y la comercializacion, los chorizos se mantienen a un rango diverso de temperaturas (no controladas) durante un periodo de tiempo que puede variar desde un dia hasta unas pocas semanas.
De acuerdo a estos autores, los chorizos analizados se caracterizaron por un valor de pH comprendido entre 4,2 y 5,1, de [a.
com) also points out that his company's chorizos "use only the best parts of the pig" and contain no artificial ingredients, including nitrates and nitrites, though some Spanish producers of chorizo do use them.
In addition to mild and picante chorizos, Palacios exports a similar tasting but softer Oreado chorizo, which is sometimes grilled (even though it is fully cured).
Lisa Wells just wrote that she'll be in town for six weeks and hoped to get a recipe for homemade chorizo.
Since it's usually used in bulk, chorizo is an easy sausage to make in a food processor.
Choose the very best chorizos because the really cheap ones tend to be tough and full of fat.
Blanch the chorizo in a pan of boiling water for two minutes, then drain and refresh under cold running water.
Nielson report, Reynaldo's continues to dominate its competition with its number one product, chorizo (Mexican Sausage).
Chorizo is also becoming a cross-over product for Reynaldo's.
My favored chorizo makers, Myleen and Coleen Huenefeld of Calidad Espanola, have come up with something for the holidays, the Casero.
While it is delicious when sliced and cooked in a little bit of olive oil and served with warm crusty bread, I personally prefer to use the Casero as a chorizo for pasta.
When tucked into a sandwich, chorizo makes a very rich, tasty filling.