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the outermost membranous sac enclosing the embryo in higher vertebrates (reptiles, birds and mammals)

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At the onset of the study two of the laboratories performed chemical uptake studies and found that for the chemicals used in the study, the presence or absence of the chorion did not affect chemical uptake.
The embryos develop within the sand enclosed in the chorion, which must be strong enough to protect the embryos but also allow hatching.
Previous research from Murtha and her colleagues demonstrated that the chorion has more cell death when infection is present, and that this cell layer may be thinner in women who experience PPROM.
All eclosing nymphs emerged completely from the chorion with no partial emergence observed.
The chorion is a part of the afterbirth and is normally discarded after delivery, but it contains stem cells of fetal origin that appear to be pluripotent, able to differentiate into different types of human cells, such as lung, liver, or brain cells.
Chorion, which is understood to be advised by investment bank Jefferies (NYSE:JEF) on the planned bid, was not immediately available to comment on the report.Country: , UKSector: MediaTarget: Hit Entertainment LimitedBuyer: Chorion plcVendor: Apax Partners LLPDeal size in USD: 1.6bnType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: BiddingBuyer advisor: Jefferies Group IncComment: The deal size is potential.
Anural species can develop indirectly by hatching from the chorion before metamorphosis or directly by hatching from the chorion after metamorphosis.
He has been in negotiations with Chorion, the worldwide merchandising agent for Beatrix Potter, based in London, and eventually secured their agreement to make tactile images with characters' outlines raised several millimetres higher than Braille markings would be.
The new series will be produced in association with entertainment company Chorion. The two companies will also work together to continue to develop the licensing and merchandise programme for Beatrix Potter's characters.
Noddy is set to drive into new markets as he celebrates his 60th birthday this year, parent company Chorion has revealed.
Chorion, who also have the rights to children's favourites Noddy and Paddington, saw the pounds 8million relaunch of the Mr Men programme in the US prompt the purchase of eight million books and one million t-shirts.
The cytotrophoblast together with embryonic connective tissue (mesenchyme) form the placental tissue known as the chorion.
Retooled British media company Chorion may have found the ideal corporate mascot in Olivia the Pig.
Chorion, the UK IP firm behind Noddy and Paddington Bear, has launched a new division to build consumer and corporate brands through its classic characters, and has already signed up British Airways.
'Following the success of Noddy, we are very excited to be again working with Chorion to bring Roger Hargreaves's much-loved characters to a new generation of viewers.'