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the very vascular fetal membrane composed of the fused chorion and adjacent wall of the allantois

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In such condition, prompt clinical management may preserve life of oal as well as the mare and prevent injury to the reproductive tract (Kinnon et al., 2011), If the chorioallantois does not rupture and the velvety red surface of chorioallantois is presented at the vulva (red bag delivery), it should be immediately ruptured because this leads to separation of placenta from endometrium which may impair fetal oxygenation.
Reportedly, the chorioallantois got ruptured two hours before presentation.
Ghent University, Belgium has released its fourth edition of Educational DVD entitled 'Foal in Mare' providing complete clinical insight of foaling in mare with all aspects of equine parturition and obstetrics including normal development of the foal, normal and abnormal stages of prodromi, foetus expulsion and expulsion of foetal membranes, dystocia due to malposture, its reposition, foetotomy and Caesarean section, uterine vesicle prolapse/eversion and rectal prolapse, uterine torsion, premature chorioallantois seperation and assisted vaginal delivery with use of well designed 3D animation and high definition videos assisting students, Veterinarians, academicians, biologist and Equine scientist to understand better the normal and abnormal foaling.
Placentitis refers to inflammation of the chorioallantois, often caused or complicated by infective agents and frequently extending to the amnion (amnionitis) and the umbilical cord (funisitis).